Soviet combat engineer tanks

I’ve been searching for some photos of a couple of soviet vehicles, the T-62/122 and T-62/160. They are combat engineer vehicles that would have performed in a role similar to that of the M728 CEV or the Centurion AVRE. I know they existed, but I cannot find a single photo of one. I’ve gone through dozens of websites and I’ve even gone through some of the archives in the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection, and there doesn’t seem to be anything. Does anyone have a photo of one or both of these tanks that they can share?

I hear of this first time, I like T-62s and wish there were more advanced or diverse variants of it in the game but this is completely unheard of by me. I have researched a lot about modifications on T-62, theres T-62A with improved 100mm gun, theres basic options with 115mm smoothborne gun, theres even version with an autoloader and 125mm 2A26, even a prototype tank destroyer with smoothborne 100mm gun and with radio scope that allows it to make aiming fully automatic (later used on 2S15), but this is something I hear of first time. Can you tell me where you heard of them first time and in what form? The only I can currently come up with is this 122mm D-30 Howitzer on T-54 (or T-55, unsure) chasee.

Sorry it took so long to answer your question. I was reading about T-62 variants on Wikipedia. That is where I saw the mention of the two combat engineer vehicles. The T-62/122 had the D-30 122mm howitzer. The one you have pictured is a a T-55 chassis (the gap between the 1st and 2nd road wheels give it away) and I think it was mounted in a modified turret rather than what is pictured. The T-62/160 had a modified 160mm mortar fitted into a turret, I think, in a manner similar to the gun mounted on the Centurion AVRE and the M728 CEV. That’s the only reference I can find for it anywhere.