South Korea line in Japan, North Korea in China or a korea grond tree

I would like to refer you to the Czechoslovak and Polish proposals combined as well as Yugoslavia on it’s own.

Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia have their proposals on this forum already, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.


And you notice that you don’t see them in the game.
You think this is a new idea? lol

We don’t see them for now but it means they will come out someday. (like Benelux)
our player job is just keep suggest diverse opinion(it doesn’t matter about new) and gaijin will determine.
after all its all up to gaijin

And you notice that the game is a decade old and only added 5 independent trees?
It’s a huge task you know xd

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Not that huge a task when its 90% copy pasta.

Whatever you’re on, I want it.

Anyways, I think the convo is done here. Talking in loops leads no-one anywhere.

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Common sense and realistic expectations. You need it. ;P

South Korea has been denied a few number of times now for Japan.

And honestly they won’t add that much that Japan currently have already.

My bet is for South Korea to ether be with the US or as a independent United Korea tree.

It seen a Russian mod has already spilt the beans regarding a sub for Japan.

And its a region one rather than a nation like the Benelux.

My main guess would be Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

With them the Japanese air tree beyond rank 4, would be filled to the neck with cool and much needed aircraft.