South american tech tree should come. (edited 3 times)

we literally have so many south american planes like the A-29 and AMX which would have been good additions


USA absolutely doesn’t need foreign aircraft in it’s ranks.


South American Tech trees. That has always been a sticky issue. Some good vehicles in there.

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to be honest i agree. i have edited the post


i agree

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I agree but Brazil has some interesting vehicles. Many countries do. Always that same sticking point. Which major nation to attach them to.

Assuming it would be beneficial to the game to introduce small quantities of interesting vehicles without full tech trees the WT needs to introduce a new way.

A miscellaneous tech tree maybe?

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good idea!

It might be a way of integrating single vehicles if it was felt it was important. Maybe just a South American tech tree? Personally, I could live with the game if it never introduced another vehicle again but that is not how WT is and there are gaps in trees.

This game needs a rework I think and Nation based tech trees are an issue in many ways.

If I get my Yugo TT you can get your Gardener TT

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Wrong thread to talk about this

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Im pretty sure itll be an independent Latin American TT no?

The initial topic was about adding Brazilian Gripens to the US tree, but it changed

Oh. Lol.

Please, no. We have a lot of interesting tanks from european countries that fought in many conflicts. The most interesting tanks from South America are in game already.

How about things such as the Argentinian conversions of old tanks, Brazilian entire ground industry and Cuban BTR modifications?
There’s plenty left.

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I agree, theres quite a bit

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Agree, but about soviet vehicles we have a lot of ukrainians interesting modifications or modifications from Asia

That would really just be the Tifon to my knowledge. Asia doesn’t hold much influence historically over vehicle production in the continent. I’m not sure on how things have been recently, but they don’t seem that major with Brazil choosing the Centauro 2 over ST-2