Sources about guided torpedoes

I am trying to write a suggestion about guide torpedoes,but I cannot find reliable sources. So does anyone know about any reliable sources about guided torpedos?

Depends. What guided torps are you looking at?

Those already in the game,like mk44,set53m,set40,set65

  1. You open wikipedia page for the specific torpedo you want,
  2. Scroll down to sources and open/buy whichever you want
  3. Profit!

For added fun - switch the language version for the wikipedia to the country that manufactured and/or operated it - you will get additional non-english sources.

If you want some more generic sources - check Jane’s Naval Weapon Systems (I have a 8th (1996-1997) edition), it has several guided torpedoes in it (8th ed. pp. 188-207), but nothing of use for the four torpedoes that you have listed here (from what I see there’s only Mk.44 and with a pitiful description).
There’s also Torpedo: The Complete History of the World’s Most Revolutionary Naval Weapon by Roger Branfill-Cook, but that too doesn’t have anything about any of these Soviet torpedoes (…quite disappointing, if you ask me).

Oh, and there’s also NavWeaps on torpedoes, which is top-notch, and you can find sources at the bottom of each article.


I mean it does, right after the bibliography is specifications for torpedoes