Sound mods

So, I’m transferring over to PC for the sound mods and stuff like that, but its not working.

I’ve added the fmod yes command, but its not working at all.

Hello, to install a sound mod.
You need to create a “mod” folder in the “sound” file at the root of your game.

Download the mod you want from WT Live // Best sound mods for the past week

Then extract the sound file from the zip/winrar archive into the “mod” folder you’ve created.

Then look for the “config.blk” text file at the root of War thunder.

In the text file “config.blk”, find the paragraph “sound”.
And type:

Restart your game.
If the mod doesn’t work, or sounds are missing, for example.
Gaijin is not responsible.
Please contact the mod creator.

The same goes for detecting bugs in your game.
Before any bug report, you’ll need to disable all your mods (hangar and sound).
Clear the game cache (at the root of War Thunder).
Restart your game, and retest to confirm if the bug is still present.


Alright, thank you!!