Sound Mods

I need help with a mod, I installed a voice mod that is identical to the one in guns heat pc, they are the voices of the crew, I tried it and it doesn’t work for me, I found out that they put original voices on the crew, it could be interfering, I don’t know, if anyone knows please help me

I had previously installed it, and it had worked for me, I don’t know what happened now

They might have used a different sound design which means certain mods will need to be updated before they work correctly. I can’t confirm this but I personally feel like the sound design has changed a couple of times with the last few updates

It’s just that it seems strange to me, I had previously installed it, it worked 100% for me, do you want me to send you the file and see it?

The sound mod file? or the crash report file?

the sound mod file

this is video

Thanks! His link in the description doesn’t seem to work

As @Bellator138 says, the sound design of crew voices has changed with the latest update “La Royale”.
The mod can no longer work.
For mods, contact the mod author to see if he can update.

I recall that Gaijin tolerates the installation of sound mods in random battles (they are forbidden in esport battles).
Any malfunction due to the mod, requires its deactivation.

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