Sound Mod with native languages using english numbers for range


TLDR; I need the current crew voices files, i downloaded warthunder FMOD folder but the crew lines are not part of it, im intending on making a sound mod that keeps the crew voices in their normal language, but says the range in english.

TOO LONG (thats what she said) DID READ ;
Ok so im getting into sound modding and still learning the ropes, however if someone could direct me on how to obtain (if allowed by gaijin) the new crew voices i want to edit them so that they say eveything in the nation voice, ie russian tanks speak russian, except the range number. I really really like hearing my swedish tankers manic laughter when a target is destroyed but ive been playing with english for all crews simply for the advantage i get when the commader says the range. Other than that the other voices are superb and i feel like most of the english speaking community is missing out on the great job the voice actors did just because of the range.