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I recently dived in sound mod making for War Thunder as the new RWR updates came out. Now that we have extended RWR features such as Launch Warning etc… I figured it would be nice if we had more or less realistic sounds for RWR. I came accross multitudes of mods that change those sounds, but nothing that I really liked, some had good sounds, but it was mixed with other that I disliked. So I had the idea to try and create my own mod to only put things that I like.
Here is my problem : In FMOD, you can change the sound of RWRs, but it changes for all the RWRs (aircraft/gui/alarm_radar), and not only for a certain aircraft or RWR type. I know it’s possible to change the sound so that you have different RWR sounds for different Aircrafts, depending on it’s RWR model (other mods do that). Also I’d like to know how to change IR Missile Tones for different missiles (or aircraft ?). Right now I have the SPO-15 sounds, but it’s on all aircrafts.
If you have other place where I can ask questions, please let me know. I would also appreciate if you share this post.
Thanks for reading.


There’s possibly a discord server with modders like that, lemme check for ya.

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