Sooo Gaijin entertainment is uploading a bunch of game Like war thunder, Why?

The newest game is basically a super modern WoT like copy and then there’s a World of warships copy.

Gaijin is teaming up with another studio to produce a game similar to both WoT and WT in certain elements. What are they up to now?

What reason and what does gaijin have to gain from this?



Any theories gentlemen?

i like money


More games=more money

And you know what they say about more money


Same reason why they funded Enlisted, Crossout and that weird game about Ocean where you are building boats. Penetrate different markets = more money.

Money, and those have more potential for esports than war thunder does. Like any other company diversification ( even copy of others ) opens up new revenue for them.

Gajin is a publisher the game is an mobile port for pc they publish

i don’t know.
All i know is that i hope gaijin focuses on WT.
No one dares to admit it(but we all agree on this in heart), but WT is a truly beautiful and realistic game that you cannot find anywhere else. I don’t agree with all the critiscm of gaijin(i do disagreed with them sometimes) but after all, they are a company which companies need to earn money so all the slander about them, is in my opinion, often unfair.

Kaijin: “Most of you are way too cheapskates to spend money in this game to make it sustainable for us bros, that’s why we have to look for side income, from just playing the game and not spending then you only do the bare minimum to support, bros”

Bruh 90% of the time i barely have any spare money.since i have school XD