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It doesnt use a different armor, the PSO is based on the 2A6EX hull, which mounted the armor the Strv-122 and the Leopard 2E use.

Cause they can, leopard 2 PSO demonstrator use 2a6ex hull, and 2a6ex can, and do, use addon hull armor

This situation is similar to yak 141 where it can mount manything but in physical version didnt, but gaijin add it anyway

Or the m6a2e1, it can technically mount the extra armor, as in wt, but in reality they never put it

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So they didn’t use a different type of add on armor for the PSO from the 2a6ex? Cause it does look different between the two. I’m just confused

the PSO is missing the roof armour and the UFP armour cuz they mounted the ‘‘Heavy Dozer Blade’’ option

Road to 2A7+


one of the 2A7+ protoypes
with turret side armour and dozer

without turret side armour, mounting points visible, with UFP armour

redesigned turret side armour and UFP armour mounted. Visible 360° camera system on turret side


Hmm, is German air left behind once more? US getting Aim-9M and Rus gehts the R-73 Archer.

Germany used both: The Aim-9M equivalent Aim-9L/i and the R-73 Archer on both Mig-29 (A and G). However, this inverview sounds like it won’t get access to the better missiles?

Why?`It used them irl… I really wounder why German air somehow always seems to be left behind. When is it planned to get the new generation of missiles? A year later?

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Germany isn’t getting Mig-29G or F-4F ICE this update, so I expect at least one of those next update, likely F-4F ICE with initial ARH update.
Germany’s not being left behind at all.
~6 weeks, 12 at most, is not a year.

But they’re getting their next gen missiles now! Why is Ger always behind? When they get their M’s and R-73…why not Ger? The planes are all ingame. Mig-29, Tornado, F-4F. Where is ze stuff?

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Because there is no 12.0 in Germany to retain that BR position.
Same reason Japan has to wait for F-15J later this year, Britain waiting for ARHs & 9Ms on Tornado IDS and/or Gripen, Sweden waiting for Gripen, and Italy waiting for ARHs/Gripen.
And China has to wait for ARHs/lord knows what jet Gaijin’s working on for them as it could be any of like 5.

the usual… germany being part of the big 3 is such a joke…

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Makes no sense, 12.0 will be 12.3 all the time. There won’t be a realistic chance that the lower BR would have a practical impact. There won’t be any issue to up the Mig to 12.3.

We have exactly these planes ingame. East German Mig-29A pilots used the Archer missile. They also had the helmet equipmment. Why can’t Ger go this step with the other ingame nations?

Mig-29A from JG-3 before 1989.


12.0 will matter more when 13.3 is in the game next year.

Oh, only a year before it makes any sense .)

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More like 2,…

Q: There are no top tier jets for Sweden and Great Britain coming in this update to better counter the new MiG-29SMT. Do you plan to add new top tier aircraft for these nations?
A: We have plans to add new top tier jets to both Sweden and Great Britain this year. Stay tuned to the news.

Is the new top tier jet for UK going to be another variant of something that’s already in the game? Or is it going to be a jet that wasn’t in the game before?

@Smin1080p @Stona_WT

Best guess. Sea Harrier FA2 with Aim-9M and AMRAAM.

With all the work done on the FRS1 and the lack of other reasonable choices at the moment, that would be my guess.

I see now

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that’s reality, we are all hate this. Please don’t tell this with us. 😆

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