Sons of Attila — Answering your questions from the dev server

Makes no sense, 12.0 will be 12.3 all the time. There won’t be a realistic chance that the lower BR would have a practical impact. There won’t be any issue to up the Mig to 12.3.

We have exactly these planes ingame. East German Mig-29A pilots used the Archer missile. They also had the helmet equipmment. Why can’t Ger go this step with the other ingame nations?

Mig-29A from JG-3 before 1989.


12.0 will matter more when 13.3 is in the game next year.

Oh, only a year before it makes any sense .)

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More like 2,…

Q: There are no top tier jets for Sweden and Great Britain coming in this update to better counter the new MiG-29SMT. Do you plan to add new top tier aircraft for these nations?
A: We have plans to add new top tier jets to both Sweden and Great Britain this year. Stay tuned to the news.

Is the new top tier jet for UK going to be another variant of something that’s already in the game? Or is it going to be a jet that wasn’t in the game before?

@Smin1080p @Stona_WT

Best guess. Sea Harrier FA2 with Aim-9M and AMRAAM.

With all the work done on the FRS1 and the lack of other reasonable choices at the moment, that would be my guess.

I see now

that’s reality, we are all hate this. Please don’t tell this with us. 😆

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M829A1 and KEW for starters

A1 isn’t getting through Relikt. Depends on the KE-W, and we still have no solid idea of how much KE-W 4 can pen.

Kontakt-5 shouldn’t be able to stop either round unless at some extreme angle.

I wish man. My K-5 gets penned by plenty of stuff. It’s good armor, but nothing is perfect.

Same reason the A-10Late is facing flareless jets still, and has a lower BR