SOMUA S-35 Accuracy Issues

It says in multiple sources that the SOMUA S-35 was equipped with 118 rounds of ammunition rather than the 84 given in game. It is also said on multiple sites and sources that the S-35 had a solid frontal thickness of 47mm that rendered it immune to German guns at standard engagement ranges instead of the 35mm provided in game. It should also have a shorter reload due to the radio operator assisting to load. Anyone able to find any more sources that corroborate this? The S-35 was France’s best medium tank, and it is a shame it is misrepresented in this manner.
(If there are solid sources that prove me otherwise then I’d be glad to leave the subject be.)

Tanks Online Wiki Of Ammo Stowage
Online Description of SOMUA S.35 Ammunition Stowage

Well, what are the sources that you are quoting?

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Mainly armoured history sites and war history sites. There’s a few that all say the same thing. Let me know if you want any links to them but they’re quite easy to come across online.

Submit it here.

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