Something needs to be done about the Supermarine Swifts

Personally, i think the Swift F.1 is fine, if a little over tiered, i think it should be 8.0

BUT its the the F.7 that needs the big changes.

IT is Arguable a Fake plane, The F.7s never received guns, and from what i can find, the space USED for the guns was filled with the Guidance equipment for the beam Riding Fireflash missile they were built to be tested with.

The F.7 IMO needs replaced by the Supermarine Swift F.4, which would be a faster, and more agile variant of the plane, (even more agile than the F.1 thanks to a modified tail). AND it gets 4 of the ADEN 30mm canons, Like the Hunters, instead of the 2 of the F.7 or F.1 Swifts.

And you get a Little more history that way, the F.4 was the MOST Produced variant of the aircraft, Though very few were kept as F.4s, Basically all of them were modified into FR.5 reconnaissance fighters.

The F.4 was also the fastest Jet Fighter in the world at the time it was built, Achieving a blistering 737 Miles per Hour, at SEA LEVEL. So at Altitude the aircraft could easily be super sonic, or atleast Push closer to the Mach 1 Barrier than the F.7 can, It can’t even get close without losing its wings. Unless on VERY certain maps and conditions, where it can actually go super sonic, but its wings snap immediately.

Just my thoughts.

could just add this and change the F.7 to be accurate?

Like anyone would want to use a Plane with no guns, and 2 Useless missiles that die after pulling 3gs, have no range, and aren’t even IR capable. they are beam riders like a Millan Anti Tank missile or something.

was just a suggestion my guy

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IIRC somewhere in the old forums is a picture of the Swift F7 gun bay, and a line drawing of the fuel system…

Basically the picture shows there were still fittings for guns on one side, and the line drawing shows the fuel tank on the other and a comment that guns were to be fitted.

That’s all the evidence they needed!

Its almost as if the Vehicle in a Museum was gutted of all useful equipment before it was donated.

That empty bay was used for the Guidance system from everything ive been able to find online, it MAY be wrong.

But there was never space to fit guns in that compartment on the F.7 from what i know.