Something ive been wondering about

How should I level air craft tree most efficiently guys?

Play things you enjoy, and spade aircraft before moving onwards and upwards


As above, but bare in mind that the previous vehicle in a tree often gives a research boost to the next when used.

I often suggest to people, if you’re doing Arcade, spawn your worst first, as the headon chance is high in the first spawn so you can then bring out what you’re leveling after that first interaction.

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If we are talking pure efficiency, I would say get a premium. That isn’t fun though. A shiny top tier premium may be cool, but you’re not going to have fun actually grinding that tree. As @Josephs_Piano and @FlyingDoctor said, spading vehicles, which getting all of the modifications on them, is the best way. It’s still very efficient but it also means you get experience and variety, and thus enjoy the game much more.

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