Something is missing/not working on the A6-E TRAM


RADAR not found?

Ground radar which is only modeled on one plane which is russian


I believe that’s only because it can also actually track targets on the ground. The APQ-148 on the intruder is only for ground mapping, I think. Similar ground radars, that can detect and or track targets can also be found on helicopters, like the AH-64D.

Su39 tracks targets on the ground

Yea, that’s what I meant. Maybe I worded my reply weirdly, sorry for that.

Thats ok

In the old forum, it was mentioned that it has an AN/APQ-148 / AN/APQ-156.

Also missing are the precision munitions like AGM-65, AGM-84 Harpoon and GBU-12/16

Nope, those are only for later modifications with the WCSI and SWIP modernization programs. We have only the TRAM modification.

Who knows, maybe we get a tech tree variant one day with the later/latest modernisations?

And even more, I hope ground radar modes are added to WT, especially ground mapping and terrain avoidance…

There’s a few articles I have read that said so. It didn’t say it was using the latest ordinance but earlier ordinances like the AGM-65 B & C were in use.

SWIP was later added to incorporate AGM-65 Es.