Something is missing/not working on the A6-E TRAM


RADAR not found?

Ground radar which is only modeled on one plane which is russian


I believe that’s only because it can also actually track targets on the ground. The APQ-148 on the intruder is only for ground mapping, I think. Similar ground radars, that can detect and or track targets can also be found on helicopters, like the AH-64D.

Su39 tracks targets on the ground

Yea, that’s what I meant. Maybe I worded my reply weirdly, sorry for that.

Thats ok

In the old forum, it was mentioned that it has an AN/APQ-148 / AN/APQ-156.

Also missing are the precision munitions like AGM-65, AGM-84 Harpoon and GBU-12/16

Nope, those are only for later modifications with the WCSI and SWIP modernization programs. We have only the TRAM modification.

Who knows, maybe we get a tech tree variant one day with the later/latest modernisations?

And even more, I hope ground radar modes are added to WT, especially ground mapping and terrain avoidance…

There’s a few articles I have read that said so. It didn’t say it was using the latest ordinance but earlier ordinances like the AGM-65 B & C were in use.

SWIP was later added to incorporate AGM-65 Es.

New report here: Community Bug Reporting System

It could also carry external fuel tanks

I think there might be also something wrong with RWR.
Currently in the game Tram has RWR AN/ALR-67 V2 which receives the “C-J” band. Same as the F-14B or Harrier AV-8B Plus.
However, for some reason, the RWR in TRAM does not recognize the band from the F8U-2 radar, whose radar operates in the “I” band.
However, the instructions I have attached include RWR AN/ALR-45 and AN/ALR-50 only.

Finally I bought myself an A-6E TRAM/SWIP NATOPS Flight Manual and now I can check what is to report about the TRAM yet.

that radar is for following terrain at night not tracking air targets

Sorry, but you are partially wrong.

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yep just looked it up its radar is used as a fire control system to range ground targets or something I was thinking of the f111
edit: radar was used in conjunction with the camera/sensor mounted on the underside of the nose

AN/APQ-156 is a multi-functional radar. It can scan ground and air (in AMTI -Airborne Moving Target Indicator mode). It has also TWS mode for ground targets.

After some research I’m really confused with the AMTI meaning.
For me, airborne might mean its function is for air Targets or it might mean this is a radar placed in plane.
But there is also a GMTI - Ground Moving target Indicator and the meaning confuses me also :)