Someone bought something on my account and played matches with it!

As the title read someone bought steam currency and then bought the “First In Deed” pack and played matches with it. Wich i never did do or tought about doing.

Its about 60 dollars and for my age thats a lot of money and o wonder if i might have a chance to get it back.

Does gajin refund stuff like this when it happens or will it just go unnoticed?

I would say unless you have 2 factor ID set up (which you should) you have absolutely no chance at all.
The fact that games were played with it, chances are slim to none. Imagine what you’d think/say if you were asked this as a support person.

i have all of that and im serious about this, i might believe its one of my friends but i still want a refund


Please change your password, Enable 2FA if you haven’t already and contact Gaijin support regarding questions or issues related to your account or purchases: