Somebody link my Gaijin Account to his Steam and keep Black mailling me

Somebody link my Gaijin Account to his Steam and keep Black mailling me. And Gaijin keep ignoring my ticket because the Black mailler keep using Steam to sign in my Gaijin support to close my ticket.

first log out all devices, then reset password, then enable 2fa again

Not working. As long the Black mailler link his Steam account to my Gaijin account, He can log in any time he want with out the permission of 2fa

if you log out all devices, they will get logged out too, if you quickly change your password theyll have to enter it again

He can log in with Steam, which required no password at all! Tried but still not working,to%20your%20profile%20on%20Steam.

How to unlink your game account from Steam

Unlinking is carried out through our Customer Support service. It can entail some problems and loss of an ingame progress, therefore a possibility of account unlinking is considered for each player individually. Not every account can be unlinked.

If you want to unlink your account, it is necessary to provide our Customer Support with your Steam ID or a link to your profile on Steam.

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then sorry i cant help you, keep making the tickets until they respond

cant help you much, try also getting attention of some mod here in some way, but dont spam them

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Please be sure, your e-mail address is safe and well protected. Only then, send the ticket to support by using this specific link:
(Do not login to support page with your account, send the ticket when you are logged out, best is to use Incognito mode in browser).

Please once again describe the whole situation.

And once again, please be sure your e-mail is safe and secured. Please be sure e-mail you are using on Steam is safe and secure.

PS. In internet, NEVER show your e-mail address publicly. I will remove screens from your post, where you reveal your personal data.