Some suggestions for game hackers

Dear Gaijin developers and righteous players,
As is well known, Warthunder is a top military game that is popular worldwide. It has achieved brilliant achievements in the past under the leadership of the Gaijin Group and the joint efforts of players.Warthunder has become a representative work of military games. However, as Warthunder became popular around the world, some unscrupulous merchants began creating cheating systems for the game.Now, the prices of some cheating systems are close to those of advanced account services, and their usage benefits are higher than those obtained by using advanced account services.More and more players are starting to use cheating systems, which not only causes significant damage to the fair environment of the game, but also forces more players in the future to purchase cheating systems and become hackers instead of recharging in the game. Such a result is undoubtedly quite detrimental to the profits of Gaijin Company and the normal gameplay of players.As a loyal fan of Warthunder, I don’t want this high-quality game to be destroyed by hackers.Therefore, I suggest that in the future, a system mechanism should be added to the game profile interface to determine how many other players have marked this player as suspected hackers within a month. Other players have the right to vote and decide to kick this player out of the game.This is a method of leaving regulatory power to players while avoiding their abuse of regulatory power. It not only helps Gaijin achieve better profits and reputation, but also creates a fairer game.However, the implementation of this and similar anti hacker projects ultimately depends on the official attitude of Gaijin Company, which will inevitably be hindered by multiple forces and cost considerations. As a loyal player, I don’t want Warthunder to end up like Battlefield1. I hope that the developers of Gaijin company can see this message, and I hope that all players who are just and hope Warthunder will become better and better in the future will support me. I am not afraid that certain forces will cause me trouble, what I need to do is to ensure that Warthunder can continue to develop in the future.Wishing you a wonderful day after reading this news.


As the saying goes, In Before the Lock.

Just so you understand, the forum gods are death on anything remotely touching this topic. Never give the underachievers any ideas on cheating.

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I’ve found 10 hackers in the last 2 months after checking their replay. 100% confidence. GRB high top tier.


I am not reading that wall of text…

Your suggestion of implementing a system mechanism in the game profile interface to determine how many players have reported someone as a suspected hacker within a month is an interesting idea. Giving players the power to vote and potentially kick out suspected hackers while avoiding the abuse of regulatory power could indeed create a fairer game environment.

However, it’s important to consider that the implementation of such anti-hacker projects involves various factors, including the official stance of Gaijin Company, potential hindrances from multiple forces, and cost considerations. Developing and maintaining a robust system to combat hackers requires significant resources and ongoing efforts.

It would - like any similar system - be abused by many.
Only solution would be a better Anti Cheat AND more Game Devs wich would analyse those reports and enforcing ban’s.

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Guys please,
If you are running into users who are breaking game rules, aka. cheaters bots etc… please report them using the server replays, so our Game Masters can investigate.
If the reports are valid, rest assured that the suspected account will be banned.

The forum isn’t the place to discuss such topics as it breaks the following rule from our guidelines :

3.11. Users are not allowed to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing damage or losses to the Games, Administration, Website Managers, and other Users, including cheat programs, “bot” automation programs, ways to modify the client of the Games, vulnerabilities in the client and server parts of the Games, offering advantages in gameplay, and any other circumventing methods prohibited, directly or indirectly, by Gaijin EULA […]..

Thus I’m obliged to close this thread.

Thank you for your interest in making the game better ! o7

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