So why wasn't the ZBD04 added with the ZBD04A?

China is still in a desperate need of a sub 9.7 IFV or any light tank that combines good mobility, maneuverability, reaction times and RoF.

Seriously, Germany got three different Wiesels in one update, I don’t see see any reason for the ZBD04 not being implemented, it’s literally just a ZBD04A without armor additional armor?

Hopefully it won’t be a premium or event, as there are far better candidates for that in the Chinese tree…

Its a very different 3d model. The whole thing was effectively redesigned from the 04 to the 04A. A bit like how the ZTZ99A shares very little with the ZTZ99.

We’ll probably see the 04 at a later date, but they decided in the mean time to go with something a bit different, the ZSL92. Which will branch out into other variants in the future as well.