So where is the Tor M1 for Russia? (2.0)

The developers did say we’d get the TOR in the Soviet tech tree I believe during the dev stream, hopefully the Pantsir hasn’t disrupted that plan, which it very well may have, they could’ve just added the TOR-M2 if the TOR-M1 was so bad.

So a DOA suggestion since that won’t be better than ITO-90 and Pantsir.
We need CAS killing SPAA for all 10 tech trees, and none have any.

Gaijin just bypassed 3/4 of the US Korean war era jets and tech for no reason.

Where Falcons? Where Century Series? Where Sabre Dog?


Speaking of viable SPAAs, the other day when I was playing 10.3 I saw one guy first spawn a Japanese funny-looking truck, throughout the match he scored a total of 4 planes/heli kills until he also finally died to CAS, Type 81 iirc, don’t know. Is that thing good?

The fact that the usa only has 1 m48 when there were 6 major versions of the vehicle, and not even the definitive version at that (m48a3), is strange.

The m48, specifically the a3, is THE Vietnam War tank.

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It’s good. Not 11.0 material. It has the unique benefit of photo contrast mode, which allows farther, better, and harder to break lock.

none except russia*

fixed it for you

getting better SPAAs would require multi-vehicule SAM sites to be implemented anyway, at least for most nations. We kind of reached a dead end


its wont be DOA at all, reason why i said it prolly will be added later is because it has 22km range missiles and AESA

It probably didn’t, there could have been several reasons that the 2S6s “efficiency” didn’t match the likes of ItO/ADATS such as a grind for the 2S6M1 Rank IV module that gave it thermals and 10km missiles, youtubers making meme videos using it as an MBT and for the longest time NATO CAS wasn’t really a thing next to the MiG-27K and Ka-52 (the latter being even better anti-helicopter than the 2S6 anyway), you die in your T-80/72, respawn SPAA and there’d be nothing in the air except friendlies most games, most of the time.

FK-1000/FK-2000 right? Would certainly be a vast improvement over Tor M1. (I hope)



The Tor has them as well from what I see

yes, i suggested the fk1000, i wouldve done the fk2000 suggestion too, however it already was suggested

Yeah I saw your suggestion and it seemed pretty good, China definitely needed that!

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Soviets have a 12km against fixed wing CAS SPAA.
Better SPAA means 24km SPAA for everyone, which translates to ~18km range.
Pantsir’s 18km range against drones means nothing when it’s 12km against jets.

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A vt-1 can’t really hit a maneuvering jet passed 9km. The only thing you are going to get are, as you said, drones, jets flying straight and very slowly, or helis (but they don’t spawn that far anyway).

As for the TOR, i don’t play it myself, but from my experience getting targetted by it, the missile tend to become dead weight the second the sustainer switches off.

Adding TOR for russia seems appropriate, but it doesn’t solve the pantsir issue, which, mind you, is going to become worse if gaijin decides to implement pantsir S2 or SM

That was true a year ago, however the September 23 update corrected its missiles to work out to 12km.
Pantsir isn’t an issue unless you’re also in the camp of CAS being OP, then Pantsir’s inability to kill 15km sitting CAS is indeed an issue.

Edit: CAS lover false-flagged?

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pantsir being better because it was facing stronger CAS (F16 and mirages to name a few) was not a problem in my book.

The problem arise with the addition of Su25

basically, before the patch, both sides could target enemy CAS, but with a very low probability of destroying the enemy plane.

Now it isn’t the case. A su25 can fire up to 20km (in game i saw as far as 18.5km). So what they do is basically go high, extend their airbrakes, take the time to fire all their load, and go back to rearm before they even get in the theorical range of Crotales, TORs, whatever

F-16 can somewhat also do that, but if they become too unbalanced, there’s still a few pantsir variants to add. That isn’t the case for everyone else, which is why lowering the cost of planes with AAMs only to the point where it can be a first spawn should be considered.

Su-25SM3 which doesn’t make it to top 10 CAS platforms.
The top 10 CAS platforms are all supersonic and physically cannot get close enough to die to SPAA when played correctly.
With Su-25, it’s just popping behind a house or popping smoke that’ll end the lock since they can’t launch from 8+km altitude without wasting a lot of time.

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we should take the discussion to the KH38 thread or something, come to think of it

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That doesn’t look like thermals, just a regular black and white camera, otherwise the cloud in the second image would be all hot (its also weird that the target would be cold). i could be wrong but it very much does not look like thermals to me.