So, where are these Aircraft Data Sheets?

Years ago, on the old forums, some aircraft had data sheets and some didn’t even though they’d been in the game from day 1. However, for a few years now, the mods responsible for posting the data sheets had done a really good job of:

  • Posting data sheets for new aircraft pretty much on they day they were released.
  • Adding data sheets for aircraft which had lacked them for years, eg, He 111s are some of the newest data sheets in the German section, despite having been in game forever.

That was all on the old forum. Where are the data sheets for everything since?

The B-26 has been around for a long time now, in US and FR trees, and I’ve just purchased mine now they’re half price. I was looking for the data sheets, so, you know, I don’t melt the engine or ‘blow up’ my flaps/gear, but I couldn’t find anything on the old forums and clearly nothing has been added since the change to the new forum.


I agree that these sheets are helpful.

The performance sheets of MOBB don’t cover bombers so for engine issues you need MEC (and find best setting by try and error) and for your speed limits i recommend that you use the data of wt wiki. They are imho quite accurate - but have in mind that those are TAS values…

Appears they don’t care about them that much anymore and probably will lose them also once the old forum stupidly will get deleted.
Data sheets in old forum: Aircraft Data Sheets - War Thunder - Official Forum
Also link to the Russian old forum, which has a few extra ones that were not published on the international forum: Паспортный стол - Официальный форум

Also if you go to the link in my signature to the Excel list, all the aircraft in the aircraft tab that are underlined have had a data sheet.

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My complete tech trees (incl. all special vehicles) spreadsheet is updated to match 2.23 (only accurate atm for list & status of vehicles): War Thunder Tech Trees 2.31 (V15.00 temp - does not have all the last econ changes) - Google Spreadsheets Contains probably all vehicles WT has published.


Hello, i just (manually) archived the data of all USA/GB/FR planes using the Wayback Machine. So those shouldn’t be lost when the forum will be deleted. 🙂


Nice! Good job!

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