So we know the Churchill AVRE Leaked for the next update.... But what variant do you guys think we will get?

Personally id want the late MKVII variants, AKA the FV3903, with a 165 Demolition gun, which is similar to the L9 165mm that is on the Centurion AVRE.

But the AVRE MKIII also exists, with the 290mm Spiggot Mortar, but it only has less than a 100m range.

It’s most likely the D-day event so either the Mk III or Mk IV with the 29mm Spiggot Mortar. (So it depends on which one of these too)

As the VIII one is post-war and is out of the question if it is a D-day event.

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Uf, it’s good that there is a churchill, because at least I don’t have to do the event :)

The leak seem to say it was a tech tree vehicle however. Not something for a event.

Didn’t they removed two premium AVREs from the game, why add another one lol


152mm of armor, likely at like 4.3-5.0.

Even if the gun doesn’t work the best, it will STILL be a monster at just soaking up damage for the team.

Would be unplayable ingame.

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Given how Sturmtiger was made workable for… Reasons.

I’m sure Gaijin can find a way to give us our AVRE.

It should’ve never been added but the Sturmtiger only had its reload cut down. How are they going to increase the range of the mortar to make it viable for anti tank purposes?

Maybe just add the one with the better gun?

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They won’t.

Fortunately Britain mains are so used to getting the worst possible end of any given stick.

Well the AVREs gun can’t possibly be worse than the Mk7 solid shot M61 so even the bad mortar is an improvement at least.


Churchill AVRE (Petard) will only ever come to the game in the same manner as the Sturmtiger - an Event vehicle which will briefly flood lobbies, then fade into the background of the game. The weapon is too limited in range to be of significant use in a game based on tank-on-tank combat.

Churchill AVRE 165 as either Tech Tree or Premium would be a meme wagon on par with FV4005.

If the Sturmtiger had 90m max range it wouldn’t be in the game. They won’t add something that can’t kill anything even on a city map.

Nah it won’t be. The Brummbär is 4.3 and gets an actual nuke shell with a way shorter reload than the Churchill is going to get. The AVRE reload is probably similar to the one on the KV-2 only with none of the killing power.

another slow boring churchill that will look tired facing fast post war vehicles. Just makes for terrible game play.

The game is over before you arrive.These old WW2 things just dont fit anymore.

That was before the Fox came in and say: I’m the best fucking rat ever bro

An exception, not the rule. A quick nerf-hammer was applied as soon as possible.

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The weapon is too limited in range to be of significant use in a game based on tank-on-tank combat.

The range would be an issue if WT’s maps were remotely realistic for a tank combat game, but with about 90% of the game’s maps being tiny by IRL standards and the matchmaker constantly giving city maps, a Petard AVRE wouldn’t be that bad.

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Honestly, given how explosives are modeled in game I’d take ~20 kg of HE over ~20 kg of HESH any day.

I can’t find the source but I swear I’ve read that the only tank kill an AVRE ever scored was when one landed a shot next to a Panther and the sheer force of the explosion killed the whole crew, or something along those lines.

Just look how Su-152 behaves in real life then compare it to the game.