So,the wrong model of ZTZ96 autoloader is "not a bug"?

Hello everyone! The autoloader in dev sever seems cool ,right? However, if you look into the X-ray of ZTZ96 family, you will find something interesting. First, ammo part of the autoloader is even bigger than the Horizontal aiming drive!

Everyone knows the Chinese Autoloader is from T-72,and all the T72 autoloader is smaller than the Horizontal aiming drive in game dev sever ! here give you an example of atuoloader in T72 style, the ZTZ99-2

You see? Much smaller than the Horizontal aiming drive. So the ZTZ96 and his brothers should have a bigger autoloader?
What’s more, if you also pay attention to the autoloader part lift the shell to the 125mm gun, you will see the Ammunition hoist just through the Horizontal aiming drive!

But i find the news report picture and video inside turret of the ZTZ96 family, they all show the Ammunition hoist is inside the circle of Horizontal aiming drive.

Here is the news from CCTV7 showed at the xinhuanet:
(我军坦克遇卡弹面临炸膛危险 排长徒手装弹化险情)

News in 2022 in CCTV website:[国防军事早报]聚焦陆军第80集团军某重型合成旅分专业训练 装甲分队:先敌一步一击即中就是王道_CCTV节目官网-CCTV-7_央视网(
([国防军事早报]聚焦陆军第80集团军某重型合成旅分专业训练 装甲分队:先敌一步一击即中就是王道)
So just two simple problem about autoloader, i wrote issue 40 minutes ago, but the employee just give not a bug tag within 20 minutes. here is the issue link: Wrong Model size of ZTZ96/96A/96AP Autoloader // // Issues
So, What can i say?


No link to the alleged bug report so it can’t be audited.

So all I can say is use the better sources.

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China is on the developer’s hit list. That’s nothing new.
There’s critical errors and missing features on Chinese tanks that have been reported, and even acknowledged - and have just sat there for months, even years…

Even if it were acknowledged, which it should have been, it’s hard to believe it will ever get fixed in a reasonable timeframe…

Such as?

hey!Thank you for your reminder!here is the issue link: Wrong Model size of ZTZ96/96A/96AP Autoloader // // Issues

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type10 took a year to fix the lights and roadwheels, so don’t worry

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