So long T18B, you were a good ship

Too bad you got moved down a rank and aren’t any use as a grinder anymore. To think I finally got an ace crew with it too. Maybe I’ll have to live with the 70% penalty from now on.




Gaijins resoning to make a shorter grind with this makes sense but i do agree that it could be located in rank 4

I don’t think it is going to be much shorter. It took me since July 2022 to get to this point. It will still take 60 to 70 games to earn the A29B based on my skill level so its about 2 months per plane going forward, not including modifications.

Well i personally used the J21RB to grind the A29B & J29A because if you play defencively you can pull of some insane kill counts with over 4-6 kills per game at times. just make sure to not bring any suspended armament, i recommend binding 50cals and 20mm to different buttons to kill different targets. 50cal for lighter targets and 20mm for sniping or engaging heavier targets.

Additionally the Speed of that thing makes you untouchable in downtiers atleast if you hold altitude and dont try to speed climb

I used that to grind a bunch of SL because of how high the SL multiplier is. additionaly the rp multiplier is quite high for its BR

Above BR 4.3 I’m toast. I guess I’ve reached the end of the Swedish tree.

Well how were you expecting to get to top tier if you dont progress further

Id be happy to play with you and teach you how to play the j21rb or j21ra they are fantastic aircraft under the right circumstanced

Clint Eastwood once said “a man has got to know his limitations”. I believe I have reached mine. I’m already 10 years behind the other try-hards, content creators and after-schoolers (kids that have grown up on this game) and being over 50 makes it so that I am merely cannon fodder. Gaijin’s focus isn’t the casual couple of hours a week player like me.

Ah well as long if in this game to have fun i do strongly not recommend going past tier 4 after that its more point and click even in aircraft