So F15A has to fight against su27 using useless AIM7 and no TWS

Good job Gaijin. What a balanced game.
F15A players have to fight against su27 which has 4 R-73 and 6 R-27ER, and also TWS
Are you kidding me? AIM-7M became trash after the nerf of drag force. When will you roll back the AIM-7M?


Radars are not ready, but other than that you are right.

Early amraams would be fine against the kinematic superior R-27E and it would help minor nations.


The truth.
How is the Eagle expected to “counter” the Flanker that has six R27ERs and four R73s with 4 AIM7M Sparrows?


It’s best counter is probably the F-14, but then there’s all of the issues surrounding the AIM-54 / AWG-9.


It’s ridiculous to want to use the F15A to fight against the SU27. The six-shot R27ER of the SU27 can allow the F15 to be shot down before it gets close, and the dogfighting potential that the R73 brings to the SU27 is unlimited. What’s more, the F15A’s wings in the test server As fragile as a piece of paper, I had to be gentler every time I pulled the lever, because I knew that as soon as this aircraft reached 10G, the wing would break in less than 2 seconds, while the SU27 could easily kill me under a sustained overload of 13G. When it comes to R27ER, some people will say AIM54. However, as long as you play enough top-level BRs, you will know how easy it is to avoid AIM54. You don’t even need to maneuver in a wide range. But what about R27ER? Top BR is as crazy as space weapons, but the Russians have had these missiles in the game for a year. Gaijin and the Russians must change their prejudices, otherwise, the top BR will soon become a hunting ground for SU27 and J11, which will be a disaster.

What a Gaijin balance


Oh no a team of F-15s can only kill the opposing team 5 times over as opposed to a team of Su-27s that can do it 6 times

Russian Bias confirmed

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Well yeah, why base performance off Tertiary sources at best instead of primary documentation that is available?

It doesn’t help that they have yet to fix various issues with the F-14 and other assorted airframes / ordnance that would help close the gap.

The F-15 for now would be fighting at either similar capabilities or a disadvantage since it lacks a HMS, amongst other issues.


This is about individual balance against each other.
The SU27 far outmatches the F15 in BVR, and even sometimes in WVR.


I think, thay make spec changes randomly. I dont belive in showed specs! I try to check in headon, 7Ms goes max 1,5 mach, not fast than that!

Better question is why do other need to use decades older missile against Russia? Jeez i wonder why?

Same reason Tiger tanks aren’t at the same BR as the basic M4 sherman.