So.... are we gonna talk about the SAV 20.12.48?

OMFG… You can’t play a game right now without either facing these or having them steal your kills.


That’s pretty normal when “limited” premiums become available again or other popular premiums go on sale. Soon we’ll probably see a flood of T69s around 8.0~9.0 as chinese new year hits. Just deal with it or play at different BR, the premium spam doesn’t last that long

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Just seems more obnoxious than usual.

I wish, but they nerfed that thing to oblivion wih the BR. It was fine where it was. And the T-62 at 8.7 is also great joke. The entire New Year bundle got hit so badly by BR changes that it no longer forms a formidable grinding lineup with what it is facing.

T-62 is trash at 8.7, it is a copy paste T-55, just a little bit bigger size with bigger armor

with better gun and sight and armor. I love the T-62

We should also focus our attention on the reselling of SAV20.12.48.Now buy it only needs 1300 golden eagle,cheaper than the NEW YEAR QUIZ gift suit.I bought the suit in case of SAV20.12.48 out of stock,and now gaijin resell it with a cheaper price.What are you doing?

Other BR’s exist, just go to another realm untill playtime on the vehicle drops. That aside, yes, the SAV 20 is a monster, with no armor, 1.2 second reload with the 120mm gun size causes this to actually put out more lead, or shells, than the 155mm BKAN. Yeah, reload, check, decent ammo, check, armor, nope. Seems pretty balanced to me, maybe pushed up to 4.3/4.7 it would be a bit more balanced, possibly even 5.3 with the Delat Torn 75mm, which is technically speaking, worse than this, similar armor, slower reload, and similar ammo.

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Unfortunately, I was doing the PoH and it was perfectly in the SAV’s bracket. It was quite satisfying to catch and kill a bunch of them though.

Pretty easy kills when using heavy tanks or M4A2.

T-62 is worse than every 9.0 in the game, so no it’s not a joke.

Gun is slightly better for worse reload, barely any damage, and armour is actually worse cus even WW2 tanks can pen you. Even T-62M-1 can be penned by WW2 88mm.
Speed is also worse.

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Cheaper? you got a lot more out of the bundle than you would just buying the vehicle.
1 you got 1000 golden eagles which was 6.6 as well as 7 days of premium which is around 2.35. However, factoring the vehicle as well as 1.98 for the 300 GE. That’s around 10.93. If you also consider tax, or steam tax that’s gonna be around 20 to 25 dollars. Which is reasonable when you consider everything. However, I’m going by USD so you will need to convert this to whatever your currency is. These mind you are not accurate numbers just a rough estimate.

This thing just needs a BR increase. It’s a nightmare to face.


The SAV needs a BR increase and a nerf already. It’s about as obnoxious as the LVT-4/40 was when it was at like 2.3 BR (now its 3.7).

It has a 70-80% win rate with a 4-5 avg KD.

This is higher than the T20 and that tank got pushed up to 6.3.