SMS Bayern

Why do the Bayern Guns feel like I’m hitting Helenas with 203mm or 150mm this is a 380mm that even hits to the midsection. Just says a hit or orange on the armor plate rather than the plate going kaput.

this Ship lacks armor when facing Hood or Kronstadt (fake ship) gaijin should fix these useless guns.

You don’t want to aim at the midsection in most cases. Aim for the waterline under the front or rear turrets. The issue with most ships is that the most protected part of the ship is the citadel in the middle. You can fire at it all day and you will eventually kill the ship, but it takes a lot longer than either aiming for the ammo storage or hitting many parts of the ship to kill modules and crew.

The Bayern and others with high caliber guns are great for cooking off ammunition storage if you hit it. The SAP round is more than capable of penning even angled heavily armored ships at close range, and the AP round has enough penetration for longer ranges. Just be careful using the AP on Helenas as you might be over-penning them and doing less damage than you should be.


What shells were you using, and at what range? These kinds of information are critical when talking about naval engagements. Also Kron isn’t a “fake” ship. I don’t know why people keep parrotting that.

close than 10km since i dont like BB camping.

You might also try HE against destroyers and some light cruisers that have little to no armor. At the very least, with the huge explosive filler in the Bayern’s rounds, you will render those ships quickly incapable of doing anything but putting out fires, repairing , and sealing breaches. It can still pen most of these ships as well. The SAP rounds function as HE if they don’t pen, but they generally have less explosive filler. Pretty soon you’ll be finding enemy ships steering clear of you. If they do fire at you, immediately start targeting them and they’ll either have to start smoking and dodging or trade blows with a ship firing car sized projectiles at them which won’t go well for them.

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Bayern doesn’t have HE. It’s only SAP/AP


What shells? You should be able to pen the Helena’s main belt with the SAP and deal good damage at that range.

My bad. I haven’t played it in forever.

Edit: The advice still stands for other large guns with powerful HE shells, however.

SAP shells that has i think 60kg+ of tnt.

Well depending on the angle, the SAP just might not pen Helena’s 5-inch midships belt at 10km. My advice would be to try and use AP if the SAP is failing to pen.