SMS Baden event vehicle thoughts

Why should fun and interesting ships be locked behind time limited event? I am ok with whacky experimental designs, which wouldn´t fit the TT but especially when it comes to battleships we don´t have many of those and we basically have to keep all of them for TT.

I agree that Baden isn´t particulary exciting and I would much rather see some whacky interesting DDs like the USS Hull with experimental 8 inch guns or one of the Fletchers with hydroplane but these are all low tiers and I believe Gaijin wants to start the cycle with high tier vehicles. And when it comes to BBs I don´t really see what suitable candidate would be for event vehicle which wouldn´t be greatly missed in normal TT.

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Not a question I asked, and not an answer to my question.


Doesn’t have to be weird stuff - the Indian Tornado is a nice plane - a decent variation to stf that already exists.

Well the problem is there is very little of somewhat different stuff to give as event price which wouldn’t be missed in regular TT.

Lets look at the options (assuming high tier stuff - as it seems to be the pattern of the first wave):

  1. US - is by itself unlikely thanks to Missing in the last event - but the only somewhat unique ships which would fit are Lexingtons and SoDak both of the can be disregarded since I believe the they have too powerful 16" for now (maybe Lexington next event cycle?), and in case of SoDak I would say that it should be in regular TT

  2. Germany - things like refit Gneisenau are completely out of questions since it would be way too OP + Germany will need as many late war BBs it can get, this applies to other German BC project since all of them should be in TT

  3. USSR - same applies both Stalingrad and Izmail need to be in TT and Arkhangelsk would cause absolute meltdown, only Demokratiya remains which is copy paste, things like Baku are not even a question.

  4. GB - I could see a Canada, but apart from that I see nothing which wouldn’t be problematic (QE is TT must and I don’t want to have repeat of Mississippi situation), Furious is useless until serious NF rework so out of question

  5. Japan - will also need basically all BBs it can get, Nagato must be in TT so only possible remaining are hybrid BBs which are useless until CV mechanic so out of question for now.

  6. Italy - I don’t think there is any possible option for high tier even ship

  7. France - same as Italy

I really don’t see much better options the some kind of copy paste if we stick to the assumption that Gaijin wanted high tier reward.

Maybe coastal would have more interesting options but I highly doubt that Gaijin would choose coastal for the reward.

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There are literally dozens, if not a hundred or more, BB’s of various nations and possible armament configurations not in hte game…

That’s a limitation you have, not them.

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If you’re implying we would see a different-year copy of the same named ship, one in the tree and the other premium/event, that’s rather clearly off the table at the moment; the devs are very much sticking to one iteration of each named ship.

As much as I’d like to see the battlecarrier / aircraft cruiser versions of Ise, Hyuuga, and Mogami, for example, we won’t see them unless the devs change their mind about duplicate ships.

I somehow suspect that you could grind the free Bayern in the event, if your german fleet tree is eligible to grind in the event. But then, why would you want the event vehicle on top?

And say you get the event vehicle with the use of another tree. Now you can grind the Bayern with it.

In both cases, it really makes no sense from a grind perspective.

i may have missed 1 or 2 but this is almost every Battle ships and battle cruiser that can be added 6.0 and up excluding america as i have not gotten around to it


While thats nice, people are complaing that Baden isn´t interesting enough so listing all the battleships isn´t really an argument.

For example looking at the list:
In case of Revenge, Queen Elizabeth together can realistically provide around 3 - 4 unique models for the game.

KGV (1939) - 2 unique aditions

and so on …

You are complaing that event has dull copy paste ships, while also arguing there are 100s of possible BBs. How does that make sense?

Like third of the ships on the list are too OP for current game and I really don´t like the idea Gaijin hiding best BB of some nation behind event, one Mississippi is enough.

Then there is bunch of very very weak BBs or must haves for the TTs.

And what remains is mostly just UK and German ships which in German case are eighter copypaste like Baden or Battlecruisers. Only really UK has several designs which wouldn´t be copy paste in your eyes and can be spared from the TT.

Don´t forget that the WW1 (which didn´t survive into the interwar period) battleships didn´t get many major refits which would constitute unique ship and in many cases two classes were repeat of each other.

Ah yes, it is my limitation, it has nothing to do with the fact that all 3 events had top tier adition.

It 's somewhat misleading to say that two Almirante Latorre -class were completed - the ex-Almirante Cochrane was very different from her sister:

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I would’ve preferred if this patch moved the top most ships up to 7.3 or 7.7 (or better yet move reserve ships down and decompress from there), so that the event vehicle could’ve been something that isn’t the topest tier 2nd best thing in the German tree.
But oh well, at least its a ship already in the game and not one that isn’t represented yet… cough mississippinewportnewstiger

Purely from a grinding perspective event vehicles can be immensely useful for working up trees, especially high rank ones.

For example, one of the reliable-leak ships likely coming soon-ish is another Hiburi-class frigate (sister to Shounan) for Japan Coastal. Seeing as I have zero interest in the entirety of Japan Coastal Rank IV, if she’s added as a Rank IV/V event vehicle or BP premium that’ll give me something I’m actually interested in, as opposed to needing to grind 220,000 RP with vehicles I don’t care about (or GE’ing the same).

She’ll also give me a lineup partner for Shounan once I have her. I’m actually putting my progress on this tree on hold until we hear more, so yes, often very useful for grinding.

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You are encurring a very high research penalty in ranks 1-3.

I do have that ship, and the least thing I need would be another one. I don’t even have her in my 3.3 lineup, despite her being spaded and talismaned.

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I never said I was using it for Rank I-III, in fact I specifically said Rank IV-V.

I also never said my example ship had to interest you personally, that has nothing to do with anything.

Er… cos a few of them are interesting??

Indeed - there are top tier coastal, so… yeah - you have limited imagination f’sure based on both of these data points.

And I didn’t say it was a question of interest, but of “need” for it. All the other japanese frigates I have in use (all of them below 4.0) seem to do a better job at grinding. So there would really be no rational need to have a second Hiburi copy. Only an emotional desire. And that has nothing to do with anything indeed.

But feel free to get one and enjoy it. I won’t though.

TLDNR: The Syonan is the least suitable japanese frigate for the job you propose. Maybe that is why they chose it?

Yes, welcome to playing video games.

I thing I want to use is useful to me, a thing I don’t want to use is not.

I suppose the question with something as outlandish as Furious would be “Do I want to lock a unique ship behind an event” would be more financially motivated. Gaijin is likely to make less money of say, a Baden, but it costs less to produce the model. Moreover, an event ship only really produces money around its release. Yes, sure, they might make some money of it when they take the fees off selling one on the Market, but bear in mind probably not that many coupons will exist on the market, and they’re a finite commodity.

Selling a unique ship as a premium, or putting it as a TT will, directly and indirectly, profit Gaijin more. i’d argue that Air and Ground are different to Naval in this regard, as there’s enough players that are prepared to grind and then sell their coupons to make it worthwhile.
The issue is fundamentally Naval doesn’t have enough players for it to be financially worthwhile, and of course the issue is they then potentially screw themselves out of a market should Naval suddenly become popular, and people then go “well where’s this ship then?”

I’d argue it’s indicative of a change in monetisation strategy. The 292 hull was near enough already in game, and the Jaguar for the most part is also, already in game. I don’t think it’s a good thing, but I wonder if the change in style is indicative of other issues within Snail HQ.

You were making claims that there are dozens if not hundred or even more. More BBs I just pointed out there really aren’t that many BBs which would work well es event vehicles and be unique.

Thank you for proving me correct.

Yeah there are a few BB/BC which could work but there isn’t many of them, which is what I am saying.

I am just working with data I have available, Gaijin decided to make the price a BB, like the have done in the Winter… So I really don’t why my assumption that Gaijin limited the options to BBs isn’t in your opinion reasonable.

Not everyone has the Battleships in the German tree for a variety of reasons.

As for Baden? It’s more real than 90% of the Russian Battlecruisers in the Game.
That said, easier to get than a Bayern.


But if you spend 3 weeks in an event like this with germany, you probably have THREE bayern class ships.