SLRS S-10CRO/A1: The Rocket Arrow

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Flag_of_Croatia_svg.png.693ca4e5f628141d SLRS S-10CRO/A1: The Rocket Arrow

Disclaimer: There are very little sources on the S-10 CRO/A1. If anyone has additional sources, please share in the comments.


SLRS S-10CRO/A1 anti-air system used by the Croatian Army.

  • Description:
    • Role: Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD)/Self-propelled Rocket Launcher Vehicle
    • Origin: Croatia
    • Manufacturer: KONČAR-Spezijalni pojadija i sistemi (SUS)
    • Summary:
      • The SRL S-10 CRO/A1 is a short range air defense vehicle developed by KONČAR-Spezijalni pojadija i sistemi beginning in 1991 under the project name ‘Strjela’ or ‘Arrow’. The S-10 CRO A1 faced a significant uphill development plan, having 3 different prototypes produced before producing a further 3 production vehicles. The first two prototypes were dubbed the S-10 CRO 001 and S-10 CRO 002; they are equipped with many unique electronics and equipment that was manufactured locally. The S-10 CRO was developed from the TAM 150 6x6 utility vehicle that was equipped with 150hp Deutz F 6L 413 F Diesel Engine which was produced locally under license and a Z5-35 S Transmission which offered a speed of up to 90km/h on roads and 35km/h off-road. This chassis was used due to simplicity as well as being widespread. The hull of the vehicle was designed to be angular, featuring a ‘wedge’ shaped front to allow increased armor protection against small arms ammunition. The vehicle is controlled by a crew of 3, featuring a Driver, Commander, and Operator/Gunner. The Driver and Commander are located in the front of the vehicle with the Operator located underneath the turret. The Driver has access to a bullet proof window as well as 2x day periscopes, and a passive IR periscope and the Commander having access to 2x day periscopes and can operate an optionally installed machine gun mount for self-defense purposes. The Gunner’s station houses the computer and TV Camera display, allowing use of the RADAR rangefinder. Later modernization upgraded the TV camera to a thermal imager w/ an integrated laser rangefinder. The vehicle is capable of firing a wide variety of missiles such as the Soviet era 9K31M, 9K37, and 9K37M. These were selected due to the large stockpile left over from the former Yugoslavian Army. Later modernization would occur with the development of the S-10 CRO/A2 variant, allowing the vehicle to fire the Soviet 9K333 missile which featured IRCCM capability to be able to defeat some countermeasures. The vehicle is capable of equipping 4x of the same missile or 2 different types of missiles for a total of 4 ready-to-fire. 4 additional missiles are stored inside the rear of the vehicle for a total of 8 missiles. The S-10 CRO/A1 features other types of equipment such as encrypted radios operated by the Commander, fire fighting equipment, GPS, and more. The 3x S-10 CRO/A1 in Croatian service continued to receive upgrades throughout the 1990’s and continue to serve today. There were plans to integrate the launchers of the S-10 CRO/A1 into the Finnish Patria AMV to increase overall capability and crew survivability.
  • Armament:
    • Primary: Quad-SAM Launcher
      • Note: The launcher can equip 2 different types of missiles at the same time.
        • Missile(s):
          • 9K31M
            • Warhead:
              • Type: HE-FRAG
              • Fuze: Impact/Proximity
            • Speed: 420m/s
            • Tracking: Fire-and-Forget, IR
            • Weight: 32kg
            • Length: 1.803m
            • Diameter: 120mm
            • Maximum Intercept Range: 4.2km
            • Minimum Intercept Range: 800m
            • Max Altitude: 3.5km
          • 9K37
            • Warhead:
              • Type: HE-FRAG
              • Fuze: Impact/Proximity
            • Speed: ~500m/s
            • Tracking: Fire-and-Forget, IR/Photocontrast
            • Weight: 40kg
            • Length: 2.190m
            • Diameter: 120mm
            • Maximum Intercept Range: 5km
            • Minimum Intercept Range: 800m
            • Max Altitude: 3.5km
          • 9K37M
            • Warhead:
              • Type: HE-FRAG
              • Fuze: Impact/Proximity
            • Speed: ~500m/s
            • Tracking: Fire-and-Forget, IR/Photocontrast
            • Weight: 40kg
            • Length: 2.190m
            • Diameter: 120mm
            • Maximum Intercept Range: 5km
            • Minimum Intercept Range: 800m
            • Max Altitude: 3.5km
          • 9K333
            • Warhead:
              • Type: HE-FRAG
              • Fuze: Impact/Laser Proximity
            • Speed: ~500m/s
            • Tracking: Fire-and-Forget, IR/IRCCM/Photocontrast
            • Weight: 42kg
            • Length: 2.230m
            • Diameter: 120mm
            • Maximum Intercept Range: 5.0-7.5km
            • Minimum Intercept Range: 800m
            • Max Altitude: 3.5km
        • Tertiary: Machine Gun Mount
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: 150hp Deutz F 6L 413 F Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Z5-35 S Transmission
    • Chassis: 6x6
    • Max Speed: 90km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 7.270m
    • Width: 2.700m
    • Height: 2.400/3.635m (Launcher Stowed/Launcher Deployed)
    • Weight: 9.85t
  • Crew (3x):
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Accessories:
    • Rangefinder:
      • RADAR Rangefinder
      • Laser Rangefinder
    • Armor:
      • Protection against small-arms ammunition.
    • NVD:
      • Driver: Day Periscope/Night Vision Periscope (Passive IR)
      • Gunner/Commander:
        • Electro-optical Thermal Sight
        • 2x Day Periscopes (Commander)
  • In-game:
    • The S-10 CRO/A1 is a unique anti-air missile vehicle that can equip 4 powerful missiles. The S-10 CRO/A1 can equip 4 missiles at once with 4 of all the same missiles or 2 different types due to its unique fire control system. It can also hold 4 inside, giving the operator a total of 8 missiles, allowing the operator plenty of opportunities to knock out low flying helicopters or aircraft. Not to mention, the 9M333 is IRCCM capable allowing it to bypass some countermeasures employed by various aircraft. These missiles can should be selectable similarly to how aircraft are able to modify there loadouts, allowing operators some level of customizability. The S-10 CRO/A1 can also receive a well needed thermal sight for night operations. The S-10 CRO/A1 should be able to receive the S-10 CRO/A2 modification, allowing it to fire the 9K333 missile which is superior to all other missiles the vehicle is able to fire. The S-10 CRO/A1 has a solid home within the game, and should be represented through an independent Yugoslavian Ground Forces Tree.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 9.3.
  • Sources:





S-10 CRO A1 in Croatian service.



The S-10 CRO A1 with the launcher stowed and deployed positions.



Commander’s Station.




Operator’s Station.


Operator’s thermal display.


Driver’s Station.



An S-10 CRO A1 under construction showing the Radio and Fire Fighting equipment.


Rear interior view of the S-10 CRO A1.


Turret of the S-10 CRO A1 with RADAR rangefinder in the center.


TV camera used by the crew.


Test firing of the S-10CRO prototype.


Production variant of the S-10 CRO, the S-10 CRO A1 test firing its weapons.


Specifications of the original S-10CRO vehicle.


Layout of the vehicle.


Production of the 6 different vehicles produced. Note: The last 3 are the in-service units.


Video of the S-10CRO A1 launching a missile.