Slow connection to Forum website/app

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue, where the forum site takes ages to load and feels painfully slow to use. Occasionally, it takes minutes just for the forum website to open up. Going back to the forum homepage from a topic is also a slow process. Basically, doing anything on the forum website, and in the mobile app, is ridiculously slow.
Could be worth mentioning that the slowness only occurs occasionally. Sometimes the forum works fine, and other times it’s slow as hell.

I’m guessing it’s just some usual server thingys causing this.

I am not experiencing network issues. I have a stable network connection, and am not having any trouble whatsoever with other websites. The issue is only present on the War Thunder Forum website, and on the mobile application for the forum. I have tested my internet connection while waiting for the forum to load, and my download and upload speeds are excellent.

Are you in the asian theatre? There’s a submarine cable that apparently is having trouble which could cause this.

Speedtest won’t pick this up as it’s putting you to your nearest server, not where you need to test.

No, actually quite far away from Asia.
But great point about the speedtest servers, didn’t think about that at all.

Perhaps the nearest server used by the forum is far away from me and is responding slowly therefore? Don’t know if that’s even a thing, I’m no IT guy :)

Yep, I do it commonly. If I find a route seems bung and up the duff, I usually try a speedtest server near them.

Another one too, maybe even to try another browser. Sometimes a live CD or a portable apps install i useful.

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A lot of Gaijins services goes into crawl mode when they send out updates to the game. i think they host most (if not all) of their services on the same connection/server so when they need to send out gigabytes of data to EACH player the servers poop themselves until the update is properly out. this usually lasts about 12-24 hours.


Mine was also being slow in the last few days. Seems to be fine now