Sljjpr M/61 vs. M/66 after APDS "adjustment"

So before the Update, the M/61 shattered a lot and people took out the M/66 instead, even if you lose about 100mm of penetration overall @ 0° and 30° angled surfaces. The M/66 was a tiny bit better (~10mm) @ 60° angled plates.

Now, the M/61 doesn’t shatter as much, I mean it happens occasionally but not to the extent it used to before.
Are there any more advantages in taking the M/66 instead of the M/61?

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The M/66 has much better armor penetration of heavily sloped plates.
You can test it against the Strv 103 plate which is sloped 79°. The M/61 can’t penetrate it, the M/66 can even at 2000m.

So other for a few very thick armor plates there’s not much reason to bring the M/61 over the M/66.