Slightly damaged helicopters that don't fly

So, I was flying on my wonderful Mangusta, when I was hit by some volleys of various calibers, by pure luck I survived the ambush and took shelter behind a hill.
But at a certain point I notice that I lose power and collapse on the ground (I was flying at low altitude), I look at the state of the aircraft and I notice that it belongs to one of the two engines (It was orange/red), everything else was completely white.
If anyone could be so kind as to explain to me whether this is a bug, or a mechanic, I would do me a favor.

Yeah a damaged engine might not produce enough power to keep the helicopter flying.

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If i remember. Damage engine on aircraft can get more damage overtime untill you shut it down.
But in helicopter you have to spam turn off engine button to keep it down.
And as the post above said. If engine are damage they might not produce enough power to lift the aircraft.

Which shouldnt be the case for most twin engine helicopters.

İn real life those helicopters can operate with one engine only or they can return to base without too much issue.

İn WarThunder however any slight damage to your engine will result in crash most of the time.

Operate and be combat capable are two different things. Ideally you’d be able to limp back to base on one engine or at least have enough power to land.

I believe the game is programmed to force damaged aircraft into the ground. I have had perfectly flyable planes with relatively minor damage just suddenly go out of control because the game decided I should have crashed by then.

Except for Ka-50s. Those guys can keep on flying with major damage.

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This also dependent on factor of each case for example aircraft weight , altitude , range (from current position to base) and how much damage are being done to said aircrafts.

Pilot are the one who made the call to whatever trying to fly back to base or safely land where they can. Because there are no guarantee that more things wouldn’t break while they keep flying in that condition