Skyranger 30: Precision+Firepower

i dont think i could add that since there is no official sources as for that only wikipedia and that its not considered a reliable source altough the Skyranger 30 its spacious inside so it might be able to hold some missiles since it actually can hold quite a lot of ammo inside and still keep a good chunk of space

I thought so too but i’m thinking in the future where there’s a possibility of it expanding, since i doubt this thing is gonna be added in the near future in WT

read that the uk is also looking to get some of these to deal with drones

Skyranger 35 turret for what i saw

idk, the article only mentioned c-sat

well the UK for the most part has been interested in buying the MANTIS 35 turret since their issues as of rn its with drones and the MANTIS 35 turret its a really good option for them

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ty ill take a look

just updated the suggestion to add some videos of the Skyranger 30 for this case thank @Drag0oon for passing me the video


100% YES
with properlly functioning AHEAD rounds please, (The A stands for AUTOMATIC, not range find…)
cough cough PUMA cough

Looking forward to seeing the Hungarian version mounted on the KF41 chassis. +1 πŸ€™

Hope so with the introduction of a new AA for italy so it dosent suffer as badly with the otomatic

eh, it would perform similar to the automatic, what italy needs is a missle spaa system, the skyranger will not replace the top tier spaa systems, it still is close air denial only

Hope that if they introduce it in the first place AHEAD is already fixed by then

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yeah thats the main, necesarility, that chooses its br pretty much, else its just a slighly better gepard 1a2 if it gets full apfsds belts to shoot at air targets

Might act more like the Lvkv 9040c or 2S38 where they are both light tanks and SPAA.

i was thinking more like the LAV-AD

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True, maybe more of a mix of lav-ad and lvkv9040c? Firerate of the lav with the ammo of a lvkv. Regardless, very cool and especially so if it gets full APFSDS belt.