Skin Banned

Good evening, I did not understand the motivation of the bun of my skin that I created. there is no reference to sales, purchase, exchange or donation of user accounts or other valuable gaming items.

Don’t violate other peoples’ copyright?
“Intellectual property” falls under copyright law.
Something in your “creation” is owned by someone else in the world it seems.

It’s quite funny when you realize Gaijin approved a user skin based on the SAAB 35 N574EM skin however all they did was scrub off the Draken international name. Meanwhile, the Aircraft profile picture still has the words Draken International in it. This means they didn’t at all pay the licensing fee to keep the title on the skin. Meanwhile, the user skin above isn’t allowed seems a bit more contradictory but what do i know I’m a random guy on the internet.

Trademarks are not copyrights.

Ok then I still have to make the skin more different than others.

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I still don’t entirely get what got him banned(referring to the userskin). Cause from the way it looks doesn’t seem any different from other Userskins. Shrug i suppose.

It’s Black Abrams.

Who copyrighted Black Abrams?

Probably Disney, they own everything.


It could’ve been any name or any piece of art used.

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Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense, if we have to count every single title created by man then everything would have copyright.

Is it possible to be banned by someone who feels offended by a word and a those? what

That’s my issue, why in this particular case is it banned? it’s never explained.

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No nothing but today I reload the textures, since now I have time to do it