Singapore Ground Forces Sub-tree

like thailand i get why they would add to japan because of ww2 but like singapore where do we put that? The british? the chinese? the japenese? the americans? The israelis? A seperate TT?
Anyways here is a poll for where to put singapore in

  • The british TT(due to colonial history)
  • The chinese TT(singapore is ethnic chinese and has close ties to china and geography)
  • The japenese TT(honestly, no reason at all except geography and the fact that the japenese TT needs better tanks)
  • The american TT(due to close ties and singapore purchasing american stuff)
  • The israeli TT(due to close ties and singapore using israeli stuff)
  • A seperate TT(they have enough stuff for a seperate TT, and this would avoid controversy)
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Honestly I can see them being added alongside Thailand due to the close ties between the two countries.I know this is a “subtree for a subtree”, but it would be similar to how BeNeLux is added for France next update.

Though I also haven’t talked to enough Singaporeans to really know if they’d even want that, which at the end of the day is the opinion that matters.

Singaporean here, I’ve commented above already, the general consensus is that it would ideally be with the Israeli tree due to the extremely close ties with the Jews as they were the founders of our military, but we generally have no issues having our vehicles scattered everywhere (since realistically speaking it came from literally everywhere).

However, the majority here strongly rejects the idea of Singapore going to China as we have 0 (zero) military ties with them, have no equipments acquired from them and have had issues regarding our military vehicles being impounded by them too.

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What not being a Singaporean does to a foreigner. I’m sorry but as another user above has pointed out, our ethnicity in this country is as mixed as blended fruit juice, saying that we are ethnically Chinese is highly incorrect and inappropriate, as you’ve just ignored the remainder of the races and ethnicity that makes up the rest of Singaporeans representing Singapore.

Edit: here’s an example of China screwing us over


Sorry what close ties does singapore have with china? other than the fact that lots of china immigrants come to sg because the prospect is better for them personally?

Kindly please keep yourself safe again thanks


On ethnicity i was saying they are majority chinese, i know singapore also has a huge malaysian and indian population and has many cultures. I have been there before.

check this out then

economic ties and mil excercises

And you’ll usually realise that only the infantries are involved as none of our military vehicles take part in the exercise. For obvious security reasons we don’t send vehicles over to train with them, but for political reasons we still do exercises with them, unlike the bilateral ties with Thailand, the US, Australia etc where our vehicles and special forces are sent to their countries for training or exercises.

So if you want to put it that way, sure we technically have military ties with them, but it’s about as reluctant as the Koreans and Japanese performing trilateral military exercises with the US.


And I’m telling you that identifying Singapore by ethnicity is highly inappropriate, as we do not identify ourselves by race, religion or ethnicity, but by the fact that we as a whole are Singaporeans on a national level.

Edit: it’s like calling Americans ethnically British because the independence of USA is still by the British that has claimed the country to be their own land.


ik, i’m not identifying them a certain ethnicity, just saying approx 50-60% of them are chinese diaspora.
now that i think about it my point on that was kinda dumb, however on everything else i still keep my stance

Hoe exactly is that point relevant for the purposes of the game?


This is not me surrendering in the argument, however i have to state some points.
1: no matter which TT is added to, i am still in favor of adding singapore to the game, as i really like the place, find the vehicles unique and have family living there
2: My point in adding it to china was just a casual opinion, i am ok adding it to any TT, i would just prefer china over japan as i live in hk, china and also am a bit hesitant(but still open to) to add japan due to their war crimes in singapore in ww2(Category:Japanese war crimes in Singapore - Wikipedia) and also due to the fact that japan will get thailand as a sub tree while china has no sub-trees, however i am still ok with singapore being added to any TT or being a seperate TT.

For the majority of us the war crimes have long been forgiven, there’s no point in living in the past about it and as evident with our economic and bilateral ties with Japan as a country as well. Us Singaporeans are not in favour of adding Singapore into CN as a subtree, but otherwise have no disapproval of where our things ends up so long it is appropriately recognised.

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Agree. honestly i also just prefer adding it in china but am ok with adding it in any other tree. One thing everyone can agree on is we would like to see it in the game

i mean look at your own pole, realy nobody agrees with singapore going to china


Would like to see Singapore in game in whatever tech tree I prefer SEA tech tree. Only thing I can relate to Singapore with the Chinese tech tree is its military ties with Taiwan.

Japan will surely get Thailand as subtree, why is people voting for Singapore? hahah
Israel it’s the only possibility

read the first comments and you will realize

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+1 The very correct decision is that Singapore must join Israel