Singapore Ground Forces Sub-tree

I don’t think israel and Singapore relationship are “basic” especially if you compare to other countries than the usa. I don’t see israel helping other countries military from ground zero and invite other countries to the f35 program (Security Cooperative Participants). As i said i am not sure gaijin will add rank 1 to 3 to israel since they could add it when the israel tree when it first come. BTW isn’t like half of the sub tree is like indigenous vehicles or heavily modified? Especially on rank 6

I am seriously confused about the 2a7 u mentioned, but even more so choosing the photo of a 2a7a1 with eurothropy to represent it, is seriously wrong. Either way it can be added until the 2a7 in seen in public and its specifics are known, because even 2a7 can differentiate hugely between versions

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They seem basic to me if we compare them with Chile, where Israel supplied military equipment in the face of a possible war with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru when no other country wanted to. Regarding the lower ranks, there is already a suggestion for Israel of ranks I-III of its aviation that It was passed on to the developers so you shouldn’t be surprised if low ranks for Israel are added in the future, and regarding autochthonous vehicles, I repeat, Chile or Turkey far surpass Singapore and the vehicles from the aforementioned countries have more connection with Israel than Singapore.

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supplying arms in prep for a war (which israel also did that to Singapore) is a lot more basic than helping set up an entire country’s military, also taking into consideration that Singapore neighbors up north and down south at that point of time, which absolutely hated the Israelis. Both country have similar geopolitical position, being small , being hated by their Muslim neighbours (at that time), and have similar problems(no natural resources). As i say for the rank 1 to 3 we have to wait and see, although it passed to the developers it doesn’t it will come. Gaijin doesn’t give israel love unlike the big 3 because if they do israel tech tree potential would be huge but i guessing israel doesn’t make a ton money so yeah need to be realistic here (not saying is not possible btw).

Like half of Singapore military vehicles have israeli modification in them even the Leopard 2sg late. They either used israeli tech or modified by israel themselves. Either way Isn’t new domestic vehicles better for a sub tech tree since they provide a new way of playing of something?


I disagree, Israel is mainly lacking in top tier. Sho’t Kal, Magach series and early Merkavas are good enough to compete between 7.7 and 11.0, but Merkava 4s need something more powerful to back their line-up, they don’t need another country to this day still using Leopard 2A4 as best what can be offered.

and Singapore will be more popular among people? Before you mentioned it, I had never heard someone say: my God, I can’t wait for Singapore to enter the game!. If we talk from a commercial point of view, Singapore is not a very popular country, so to speak, and I don’t think it will make it earn more money to gaijin, they shouldn’t even have a large number of players from the country considering that it is a country of 5 million people.

What I don’t like about your sub tree is that most of the vehicles are modern and the game combines historic vehicles in low ranks with more modern vehicles in high ranks, the oldest thing Singapore has is an AMX-13 that Israel sold them in 1969, before that Singapore has no history of tanks, if you talk about national designs I repeat, Singapore lags behind compared to Chile or Turkey. and finally, you focus too much on the maximum range when some sub trees that are already in the game do not go beyond BR 10.7, as is the case of Hungary or the case of South Africa that only reaches BR 10.0, a sub tree must help the main tree to fill spaces or give different types of vehicles that the main tree lacks (anti-aircraft, light tanks, tank destroyers, etc.) do not try to compete in the high range with the main tree to see which country has the most powerful tank, The only thing that Singapore offers to Israel are light vehicles and some anti-aircraft but in the higher ranks, the lower ranks are abandoned, something that Chile or Turkey do much better.

Plus you think you know what Israel needs when you haven’t even started playing with Israel, the only thing you play is Germany and the United States, so I’m supposed to take into account the opinion of someone who hasn’t even bothered to play with the nation you want your suggestion to belong to?



Love how we went from talking about which nation has more relevant ties with Israel to stat checking.

RSS_Defender isn’t wrong with his statement that Israel had a large part in helping the formation of the modern military of Singapore and that most of Singaporean equipment has Israeli technology in them. (World’s worst secret next to Singapore’s ties to Taiwan, that Singapore basically uses Israeli tech in everything from drones to tanks to aircraft)

Talking of population also isn’t a valid way of making an argument with regards to the game. Sweden’s got a population size of 10 million, and yet it’s fairly popular and makes enough money for continued development.

Now, you are right that the earliest thing that Singapore has in terms of Tanks is the AMX-13 (in fact that’s not the AMX-13 that’s worth implementing into the game, the AMX-13SM1 is way further down in history and RSS_Defender also neglects to mention the proprietary APFSDS round developed for it - 240mm at 1.2km - which would make it worth alongside other upgrades) but that’s not really a problem given the precedent set by the Israeli tech tree which doesn’t start at 1.0.

Now all this to say, I stand by my current stance of Singaporean vehicles should not be confined to a single tech tree and should be spread across the game where the vehicles are most needed/most fitting.
e.g. :
-The AMX-13SM1 to France
-The Mechanised Igla to USA/RU
-The Leopard 2SG to Germany
-The Hunter to Israel

If there’s a local vehicle to fit in there, great use that. Singaporean vehicles should be confined to plugging gaps that otherwise can’t be, for filling out events, or premium store positions. Same goes for the aircraft as well.

Also, I’m sorry but Stat-Checking is kinda cringe. It’s a forum, people are allowed to have opinions and to have them refuted.

Lastly, I have read your suggestion for the Chilean sub tree and do think that’s a better option for a Sub-tree in Israel. It just generally fills up more capabilities and is more varied (Marder with Spike is sure to get the German main blood pumping if it isn’t in Germany lol. also semi-automatic reloading 60mm M50? sign me up.)

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You cannot compare a country like Sweden with Singapore in terms of popularity, much less in terms of tanks. If Sweden is popular, it is because it has very good vehicles and the issue of the total population was in reference to the number of players in the country.

Nobody said otherwise, it’s just that the same applies to Chile, for example, it buys enormous quantities of Israeli weapons for all its military branches, since you saw my suggestion you will realize that even the tank ammunition is Israeli, in addition, Israel also formed Chile’s tank doctrine, so we’re tied on that.

and it is completely valid to use the player’s statistics to refute what he thinks, since showing the statistics shows that he does not have practical knowledge to say what Israel needs or not (high, low ranks, light tanks, etc.) since, how will he know what Israel needs if he hasn’t played with the nation? I started playing with Israel and immediately realized the disparity it has in the rank 4 BRs as well as the lack of especially light, anti-tank and anti-aircraft vehicles, which is why I disagree when the person who made the suggestion He tells me that what Israel needs most is high-rank tanks when it is quite the opposite, what Israel needs most are low ranks to be able to extend to rank 1 since Israel does have vehicles for that, another thing is that Gaijin has not wanted adding them, that’s why I think this sub tree is not a good option for Israel since it would limit it forever to rank 4. The person who made the suggestion should have done a second survey asking where people would like this sub tree to be, but he only left Israel as the only option.

Singapore has very good vehicles, especially light ones, but they are all high range, the SPAA and tank destroyers are few and only at high ranges, as I said, the lower ranges are abandoned which doesn’t seem right to me, Chile’s suggestion that I made in change has more variety and covers almost all ranges which leaves Israel’s tree more complete, I just want Israel to get its best option, I wouldn’t mind if it were Turkey that occupies that place as long as Israel gets something good and coherent


Are you a Singaporean? Because that is not the correct explanation or argument for it. Singapore’s sub-tree may be a poor fit for China due to a lack of military equipment similarities. It has almost nothing to do with the way young Singaporeans think. This also applies “partially” to Japan.

In general, I endorse the concept of adding Singapore as a sub-tree to Israel given its far greater military relations. However, the majority of the equipment is US in nature, and as far as I am aware, Singapore does not include a significant amount of Israeli technology into its modern military hardware (with the exception of drones). Nonetheless, you are correct in stating that Israel played a critical role in establishing Singapore’s military system (for example, training) early on.



Bold idea, Singapore subtrees goes to Japan.

Reason: Russian community manager accidentally slipped up and said that the Southeast Asian region will go towards Japan when the F-5E FCU (Thai) dropped.


Do you have a source for that?

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Not every SEA needs to go to Japan. Thailand and the Philippines is more than enough to fill in the gaps, if needed Malaysia and Indonesia can be added too.

Like i said Singapore can go to a future Korean TT instead to fill in the gaps of that proposed TT (particularly the South Korean one) since like with the South Korean TT adding it to the other TT it can realistically be added (US in the case of SK and UK or China in the case of SG) would serve no purpose

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This post got deleted afterwards, but it was in the Russian forums for a while back then.

If this post magically gets removed by moderators then it affirms it too. ;)

Edit: ping @AspandaIV


+1 but I have no idea where it would best go.

I think it would be best suited to go in a Commonwealth TT (Australia, Canada, New Zealand) now that South Africa is in the UK tree, I think Singapore would have more offer to such a TT than if it were to be added elsewhere.

I don’t think it should go to Japan, given certain past events, and I believe a Thai TT would fit in better for them. China isn’t even an option, they still have a ton of domestic equipment to add, in addition to exports and the equipment of Pakistan and the DPRK. I don’t think that there’s enough of a connection between the ROK and Singapore, but it could also be a possibility. I would say that the Philippines and Indonesia would be more than enough for the ROK, whilst Malaysia and Thailand should be enough for Japan.

yeah… gajin already made it pretty clear commonwealth tree aint happening, they get thrown where they fit best

u say that but most “real” minor nations have access to multiple countries, sweden already has stuff from finland and norway, italy has hungary, romania etc. Only exception being japan and israel currently. So i would say singapore would fit well as well

I also stated the following:

The fact that France is to receive a sub-tree before Japan is just plain ridiculous.

Japanese issues have been obvious for years and France didn’t even need a sub-tree to begin with :/


that certainly is true, both UK and France didnt need whole sub trees.
But we should remember that we dont know so far if its a whole sub tree and not a german argentinian situation or just the addition of multiple benelux vehicles to france. We gotta wait and see how they handle it. And if at the end germany legaly “claims” switzerland kek


Nope. I am in heavy opposition to this.
Thailand in japan i am still ok with as japan’s tanks are really dogwater in armour(and in low tier, firepower) and adding thai tanks(chinese/ukrainian exported or with heavy design influcences) will help it; Additionally thailand and japan were on the same team in ww2
however singapore has nearly no relation at all with japan; rather it is culturly more chinese and also this would help the chinese TT be more unique(However, adding the tons of indigenous chinese vehicles not in game would be better)

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