Since AMRAAM carrying planes currently get AIM-7M why doesn't the AV-8B+ not get them?

Since aircraft that carry the AIM-120C irl get the AIM-7M in game, why doesn’t the AV-8B+ not get them as a placeholder?

because its br supposed to be at 11.7, any other armament would further increase its br

It doesn’t have the capability to use them.

nor does the F-16CM-50 or F-16D Barak II nor does the JAS 39A/C

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They actually do.

Are you delusional? irl the F-16D Barak II, F-16CM-50, JAS 39 never had even the software for sparrows

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No, it’s already been proven those vehicles have the ability to use those missiles.

Its entirely to do with BR. I reckon they wanted to Keep the AV-8B+ as close to the A2A performance of the Gr7 as possible. Its only meaningful difference is BOL vs Radar.

Aim-7 could result in it being higher without actually being that helpful. Both are probably already over-BRed for their primary role of CAS.

Got any sources on that buddy? I have never seen any of the listed aircraft to mount a Sparrow IRL

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The F16s radar can work with Sparows so they get them
JAS39 did have skyflashes on it at one point