Simulator Downtier F-5E (US) from 11.0 to 10.7


I was wondering why the F-5E is listed as 10.7 in Realistic Battles but still at 11.0 in Simulator battles. You will be fighting a totally different class of opponents than in Realistic. Or is it because the rating is already saturated with F-5As and Cs? I would like to see the F5E still be at 10.7 across the board if possible.

Thank you for reading :)

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In real life, the F-5E could equip AIM-9P5, which were capable of tracking signatures of heat from the front.
At a BR of 11, many adversaries carry all-aspect IR missiles, therefore, placing the F-5E at this BR while depriving it of a capability that it actually did have is unjust.
I am of agreement with your proposal to lower the BR of the F-5E from 11 to 10.7.
If the AIM-9P5 ( which are capable of tracking signatures of heat from the front ) was available as it was in real life, then I could consider the F-5E remaining at 11 as somewhat reasonable.
My suspicion is that this issue will not be addressed anytime soon, given the potential disparity of the cost of time spent, etc by Gaijin and negligible to non-existent monetary benefit. We shall see.