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I have a problem that I’m not sure how to fix. Flying F-14b, i encounter the problem that when i try to lock radar target, its also activating my CCRP mode. Then it takes me a moment of panic to figure out why my bombs don’t drop. Just to be clear- i very well know how CCRP works and how to bomb with it- the issue is WHY does it activate with lock radar target?
Exactly which commands activates CCRP mode? Perhaps something is ‘overlapping’ in my control config.

I assume you have mapped the same key for both “lock radar target” and “Activate target point” and/or “Switch mission bombing target”.

Yes, you mentioned they are on different keys, but better double check to make sure: Happened to me as well that I accidentally mapped different functions on the same key… = )

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When i noticed that it was the first thing i went to check - so thinking that i have some other command mapped to the same button used for lock radar target, that is inadvertently activating my CCRP - what else other than ’activate target point’ could also activate CCRP?

And just to say, i do have some functions deliberately mapped to same key… but yeah, something is causing this issue and i dont know what

“Switch mission bombing target” does this as well: I t selects the next mission target (base). This is easily visible in AB and RB, but in Sim you don’t see this except for aircraft with a HUD thus equipped, and only if you’re atcually roughtly pointed at the base. And you see it in the targeting sensor view as well, if and where your SPI (“single point of interest”, i.e. the point on the ground you marked/selected) is…

I have this set to another button too.

Little tip: Unassigned the key you use for radar lock, and assign it again (to the same key): If that key is also used for something else, you should get asked if you want to replace this binding, or add the binding to the same (already assigned) key…

Not sure if this works always however…

And remember: you can assign a function to several keys…

AND several functions to the same key.

I did this already … but will again tonight, will ‘blank’ assign ‘lock radar target’ ONLY to one button, and completely remove assignments of any ground target locking, target designation, laser activation commands and try again.

And yeah, i have several buttons doing multiple things as I’ve set it up like that- but just this one with the CCRP is interfering in a negative way

Yeah it somethimes is annoying.

I have different presets to use, depending on whether I play ground on my desktop, ground in my simpit with VR, aircraft in VR with swing wings, aircraft in VR with thrust vectoring, or with manual trim even, haha!

And to make things worse: my simpit uses some switches and buttons connected to two USB-interfaces. Problem now is that I can assign functions to it in a session, and it works, but when I restart it looses the binding again as there are two controllers of the same type, and WT struggles to distinguish between them somehow… Meaning I have a lot of buttons and switches in my simpit I can basically not use reliably in WT.

Thanks for the assist. will try things again tonight… i was somewhat irate when it happened and I tried to fix it during a match… lol. I will expend more patience this time.

that’s sad man… and cool that you have a simpit!
i fly VR with hotas, and when it comes to modern aircraft- you quickly run out of buttons to use for all the commands you need :P

Yeah. Might even be some bug with WT itself, in some cases.

I can try what I want, but for example “toggle HMD” I need to assign Every. Single. Time.

Ok, did some testing now and 100% this is a bug!

Take F14B, load with missiles and bombs.
Load test flight.
Activate TWS.
Then- the moment the TWS pics up a radar contact, and JUST the radar picking up a contact (i press NO buttons) and the bombs go into CCRP mode!!! Again, I actually press NO buttons!

And… usually you’d have to “deactivate designated target” to clear CCRP, it will NOT deactivate while you have a TWS target on radar

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