Silver lion farming

is there a way to create more silver lions without getting shot down all the time? I’m usually a good pilot, I’m around 12.0-10.0 on most nations, i picked up the xp50 the other day, started farming a bit. I’m in a bit of a skill issue gap where everyone is better than me and has more luck which is fucking annoying

I understand how to play props, again im just in a skill issue gap so I resort to farming ai. I usually play heli pve but my patience is shit for waiting for the game to end. Is there any other way to grind silver lions ? (I dont wanna play naval lmfao)

Play premium battleships with boosters.
Though a bit sleepy. Even don‘t need to take your brain

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Again, already disclaimed “(I dont wanna play naval)” I have no plans on doing so. Would rather farm ground units lol.

Then you’ll need to farm ground units

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Any tips without dying by some rat though ?

Idk If you can do something to avoid them, you could fly faaaar away and wait for the battle to develop or maybe fly behind your allies and use them to “tank” the furball, they’ll kinda hate you for doing this but it’s all you can do… To farm SL i Just get the boats and while i semi afk I like to watch some movie, Heli pve also gives you a decent amount of SL If you have a Premium

I could try that. Sometimes my teams are enemies in blue and dont really realize on what I am doing when activating “antimech” and they start farming them as well.

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