Side to side folders instead of one after the other

When looking at folders such as the Swedish Strv 101/103A or the Swedish Strv 104/103C it doesnt quite make sense why different vehicles are in the same folder. These 2 tanks are quite different, so why is the unique one locked behind the Centurion?
I propose a system where instead of locking one vehicle behind another, it is instead an option left to the player which one they research first.
Proposed folder
The research for the first vehicle in the folder could be the same as currently and then unlocking one vehicle in the folder gives a bonus amount to the second in order to bring its RP requirement down to maintain the total RP for the folder at its current in game level.
Or, the research for both vehicles could be as if they were their own item in the tech tree outside of folders.
I am sure there are also other suggestions for how the RP could be done, but my main suggestion here is that only one of the vehicles is required to progress further in the tree and that the player can choose which vehicle in the folder they choose to research, instead of being locked into one choice.

Just to make it clear this isn’t a suggestion for all folders, just the ones where the vehicles in the folder together are not upgrades of the same base model.

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I think the vertical structure of the folder is based on how the vehicles that were foldered back then were simply a minor variant with some differences, or the one that is a “gimmicky” version of the base vehicle (like the “Tse-Tse” Mosquito).

In the former case, making the foldered vehicle an option instead would means that people would rarely, if ever, chose the “slightly inferior” variant of the vehicle unless they wanna spade it for SP bonus or that they wanted vehicle for specific BR lineup, wheas the proposal like above would be perfectly suited for the latter case as well as the scenario you described.

I will give it a +1, because I think giving the player an optional choice of picking the desired vehicles is a good idea, especially with how cramped the tech tree nowadays is.


Have updated the suggestion to include “Just to make it clear this isn’t a suggestion for all folders, just the ones where the vehicles in the folder together are not upgrades of the same base model.”

I agree with the old way of doing folders where the upgraded variants are locked behind the base model.

It has been pointed out to me and I realised myself (before it got approved) that I needed to clarify, however I couldn’t edit while waiting for approval.


While I do like the general idea I feel like it’s a solution to a problem gaijin created without thinking. As NotKringe mentioned, folders used to be modifications and upgrades of the same vehicle and in my opinion still should be. In the case of your example just simply making the folders either the Strv 81 and 101, or the 101 and 104 as well as the two variants of the 103 in their respective folders would fix it and make much more sense.

Another odd one is germany where the Marder tank destroyers are the start vehicle in two folders rather than being foldered on their own

A good proposal, but I suggest keeping the folding of the upgraded variant unchanged and changing the folding of different vehicles to a side by side format

This would increase the amount of RP needed for foldered vehicles, so I must say no.

They could always make it so that the first one researched was the full research cost and the second one was 50% off, might be a little too hard to code though

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.