Shouldn't the Israel B-17G be armed with 7.62mm guns instead of 12.7mm?

From the Warthunder Wiki: (Israel only had 3 B-17G’s)
“Three of the planes were flown from Miami to Puerto Rico, then to the Azores, and finally to Czechoslovakia. There, they were fitted with 7.62 mm M1919A4 Brownings machine guns in place of the missing 12.7 mm M2 Brownings. Makeshift bomb sights and German suspension bomb racks for 250 kg and 70 kg bombs installed.”

It also sounds like it shouldn’t have 500kg or 100kg bombs.

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If you want that 7.62 B-17, it will be in BR 1.3 or whatever. Welcome to our WT forum.

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The BR system is terrible. It pits WW2 era vehicles against Korea or even worse, Vietnam era vehicles for some kind of perceived balance. Everything should be in a historic year of operation system. Or at least the sim portion of the game should be in that type of system.

But that aside, we should at least have accurate vehicles. Otherwise, why not give aim9L’s to a P-38E and call it a day if we want to play make believe?

Honestly I’d prefer a lower tier B-17G over a direct copy/paste. It might give me an interest in actually playing it, when at the moment I have zero interest. Israel needs as much uniqueness as it can get.

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Except you would soon come to realize that historical balance will be even worse.
Have fun fighting Magachs and Sho’t in your Pz.IV and StuG…

As if Korean war vehicles are so much more advanced than WW2 ones anyways…


Yeah I hear that argument a lot and it doesn’t hold any water especially because people always choose the most outrageous example to make their point. There should be a historical disparity at times. The solution is increasing rewards for overcoming the disparity. Besides, with the amount of vehicles you can choose from to progress the tech tree it isn’t necessary to select a lesser vehicle for a given era unless you really want to.

Except that’s false.
You will basically always be disadvantaged by playing Sweden until you get to the Cents and Early Israel would be disadvantaged too with their dates of introductions for vehicles. And that isn’t even mentioning the prototype question.

What you seem to forget is that high rewards for destroying vehicles that are a higher BR than your own already exists too, yet is absolutely no incentive to take weaker vehicle against stronger ones, it’s a gimmick.

Yet even despite that, historical matchmaking was technically a thing.
It was called Chronicles of WW2 and is was poor.
It was always very unbalanced in one team’s favour, resulting in poor queue times and poor gameplay experience for the inferior team. The bottom tier vehicles for the nations present in those events were also never really taken for obvious reasons. There is a reason Gaijin stopped doing these.

And it’s funny, I didn’t even take the most outrageous example as I claimed.
Remember that T-34-85 still serves today, as do Stuarts. M18s and M36s fought T-72 derivatives in the 90s. Hell, H39 would have to face Cold War era stuff…
Wonderful way to kill certain nations if you ask me.
Those in favor of historical matchmaker always forget that war isn’t fair and that old equipment generally serves for quite a while longer than just their initial production period.

There is practically no argument that works in favor of historical matchmaking bar immersion, yet even that falls apart rapidly when you realize the balance disparity and the fact that the overwhelming majority of lower tiers is still ‘era appropriate’ with few exceptions.
Nevermind the fact that drawing lines for these eras is something that would likely be wildly inconsistent. 10 years isn’t a lot in the scale of War Thunder’s historical spread yet it is also the difference between 1939 and 1949… T-26 vs IS-3.

War Thunder is a game first and foremost, thus it should be balanced as one. It is not a game with a lot of depth in it’s battle progression like some other games may have and is a quick arcadey experience at it’s core. The expectation that it should have historical matchmaking, despite that not being part of the game’s identity, is not something that should be present.


WW2 vehicles fighting Vietnam era vehicles hurts my brain. That’s all I have to say on that. This topic is about having correct vehicles and not make believe vehicles anyway which gets back to the original point. The B17G for Israel should be running 7.62 mgs and be limited to 250kg and 70kg bombs according to WT’s own wiki. If BR’s must change to adjust as needed then so be it. But like I originally also said, perhaps it should be only a simulation mode change to historic situations which I’m good with limiting it to that since the majority of players would quit on the spot if the game became unfair for them. I get it. I don’t agree with it but I get it.

Wt is not a historical game, it is a vehicle sim. Vehicles are rated based on their in game effectivness which gives every each one of them a fair place to compete with others. In case of historical matchmaker, it is not single examples that would be unfun to play, it is entire trees. Basically every minor nation could be deleted and also majority of light tanks, ifvs, spaas, CAS elements since all of them were never designed to compete with tanks and fighters on equal ground.


B17 on lower BR has no place to be since there is no use or lineup for such aircraft. Im all for accuracy of vehicles but if that accuracy makes them unplayable, better bend the rules or remove the plane entirely

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