Shouldn´t Ja37D and Ajs 37 get the rb99?

i believe that both of these planes could actually carry the rb99 (amraam) but they didn´t get them this update. The Ja37D could carry 4 amraams by this source.

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the AJS37 is a more dedicated strike platform so I don’t think it should get AMRAAMs to keep top tier Swedish ground lineups intact, but the JA37D absolutely should, and so should the JAS39A.


JA37D absolutely should get RB99, i hope they are adding them as other planes are getting more and more loadouts because of feedback. We have almost a week of dev server still left so there is hope.

AJS shouldn’t get them, JA37D should get RB99. Although AJS37 should get RB75T

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Whilst it would be more grinding and maybe the more “annoying” option. I actually kinda think they should add either a JA37D “late” or the JA37Di with the AMRAAM. That way you get to keep the JA37D at 11.3 and still get a version at 12.3/12.7 with the AMRAAM.

A best of both worlds solution. Unfortunately Sweden does not have many aircraft at 11.3 ish, and it would kinda suck to take away one of them by increasing its BR significantly.

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The JA37D should, but the AJS37 is needed at the BR it is currently at.