Should ZSL92 be given APDS and moved to 7.0~7.3?

Should ZSL96 be given APDS and moved to 7.0~7.3?
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  • No
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I understand that right now it would fill the gap in the AA line, but TBH it’s the same situation as BTR-80.

Reasons to consider:

  • Slow horizontal and vertical drive just like BTR-80, not even faster than earlier AAs but had to deal with faster aircrafts
  • 55 degree elevation, even worse than BTR-80’s 75 degree

Included a vote to see peoples’ thought.
It may not be a good idea to do that, I don’t know. I’d like to see peoples’ thought on this.


Still better than ZUT-37.

When you compared it with a 2.3, you validated my point. :)


Im not comparing it Im saying that some things that are SPAA’s are not good.

Saying something’s “better” than another one is not comparing, fine.


I think if you give at APDS you are going against the reason for its addition to the game.

Did it historically use APDS? If so, yes.

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It was discussed before and people found information about it.


What are your reasoning behind this?

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Its an SPAA not a light tank.

If it’s for this reason, there are tons of counter examples. Gepard or in other words, the whole family of AAs that are using Oerlikon GDF. Not to even mention that Otomatic have APFSDS.


They are at 8.3?

First, I’m sure you remember Wiesel 1A4.
Second, they have different chasis and differences in details like stablizer.

You are welcome to suggest a different BR than what I thought, but I no longer see you are against the idea.

After all, it doesn’t have to stay as AA, it can be a light tank. There have been so many changes like this in the past.


1st the Wiesel is not something I ever play against. 2nd We don’t need another half copy and paste BTR-80A. Why do China mains never appreciate what they have?

Obviously, it should be positioned in the game more of a Chinese-style BTR-80a at 7.3 than a 6.7 spaag


slowly give the plz83 130 an actual lineup


I really don’t want to see another 90s era vehicle in the Late WW2/Early Cold War Era. It should just be given better rounds and brought up.


I wonder though if they might intend to use the 92B as the chinese BTR-80A-like light tank.

It historically use APDS and never used AP

ZSL92 APDS report accepted
ZSL92 should have APDS // // Issues
Now we need some one to make an issue for horizontal and vertical traverse speed, and bullet velocity from above reference.