Should we see the Strv 103 D come to the game?

I feel like with the others, it would be foldered behind the Strv 105, but also a bit of reasoning here. The Strv 103 D was a one off prototype, so is the Strv 105, yet we have one and not the other.
Neither saw service, but some testing, and both had thermal imagers, but we only have one of them. Idkw gaijin hasn’t added it yet, maybe we don’t see it even in TT, but as an Event or Battle Pass vehicle, even though, it would only make sense to make it accessible to all as the Strv 105 is as well.


A few exceptions are as follows.

  1. A dozer blade, why you might ask? Well, a few reasons, the lower hull isn’t NERA protected, so sitting hull down, even in a place where it isn’t “possible” without spading the ground would be a must have, also it is (would have been) on one vehicle of every Platoon this goes for the A and possible B as well and the C where when you remove it, it will fully remove it to where you get better mobility.

  2. The arguability of the Thermal imager for Commander and Gunner. It is said it had Thermals, but obviously as there was one built, and I’m sure was scrapped post project, we will have no clue except in documents either unseen by the outside world due to either classification or the lack of availability.

  3. The arguability of the ERA/NERA. Also another unknown or not well known aspect. In WOT’s rendition, it has a thinner ERA, compared to the visible historical NERA, which was much thicker compared to the BLAZER ERA panels, however, this is arguable, I would say it’s NERA, and these together would possibly make it a 9.3-10.3 area vehicle depending on its proformance in game.

The BR I would yet again suggest is anywhere from 9.3 to possibly even 11.0 depending on its proformance. You argue it out. As for the vehicle coming, should we see it?

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I’d hope for 9.3-9.7 depending on its rounds and wether or not it has thermals ingame

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It’s got the highest chance to get the Slpprj M/80, or M111, or DM23 depending on the nationality.
The Swedish Slpprj M/80 should technically get a higher Pen amount in MM due to increased barrel length by 8 calibers if I remember correctly, and if you understand guns, bigger barrel usually means a faster muzzle velocity. Seeing as it (thermal imager) supposedly uses the same system as the Strv 105, it should get Gen 1 thermals, though due to its gun and armor, I feel it will be made higher than 9.3, but you never know, Gaijin could be feeling a bit nice when they add it.

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Yea depends if the NERA is made 100mm or 150mm on the ufp

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Sure as long, as it is placed at top-tier. So i want have to deal with it.

If they make hullaim better 🥲😔🙁


Apparently the sole prototype is on display at Swedish Tank Museum Arsenalen (any Swedes here who could check it out?), and given its last century tech documentation shouldn’t be too hard to come by if Gaijin dug around a bit.
My guess is that it will get the m/90c like the strv 105, which would put it at 9.7 and folded under the 105, just like the previous centurion/103 pairs. Wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to 10.3 though if the ERA/NERA is really good. Top tier is a bit of a stretch, unless the devs pull a 500+ pen round out of the ether; basically no 105mm gun goes in top tier (except the AGS, no idea what its doing at 11.0 with less than 400mm pen)

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Yes, well, I don’t believe it is displayed, but in the warehouse with the Strv 105, unless it is on display(I don’t have a great memory, but I do think the Strv 105 is on display). Not to mention the T-80U in Sweden gets a 442mm APFSDS, and that’s it, I think it performs okay. 9.7 BR is a non-existent black hole to 10.3, I think it would either be 9.3 or 10.3.

Edit: also, if your interested in the mechanics and schematics of the Strv 103, I made a post about the autoloader and a few other things I believe.

nope its not, not in the display hangar atleast