Should we get rounds like the DM63A1, DM73, M829A3, 3BM59 and L28A1?

I personally think we should.

DM63 wouldn’t have that much more pen but would be less likely to explode
L28A1 is a non DU round and is slightly worse then what we have in game L27

DM63 actually has worse pen than DM53

slightly i guess i know it on real difference is its less likely to explode when hit

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I’m not sure it does that either. DM63 was designed to offer more consistent performance at a wider range of temperatures. It might also be less prone to burning down but idk.

Sadly - I do not believe these rounds would have much of an impact because War Thunder uses a unified calculation for ALL APFSDS shells. This means that they all behave differently compared to real life.

I’m also pretty sure that’s why they denied adding the M829A2/A3 round to the Abrams because they likely calculated it as being almost identical to the A1 that’s already in the game.

There’s advantages to this - such as the ability to have parity between all shells and being fairly free of possible propaganda, but it does mean that some shells with more intricate designs don’t get to have their specifics modeled as closely.

The leaked shell for the Chinese top tier DTC round was said to be ~677mm (or somewhere around there) from what I remember and it turned out at 577mm in-game despite them having the exact number for mm because of this, for example.



I want to slap some ERA for a change.
Also, where spal liner for M1?

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You’re right, DM63 is literally DM53 but better suited for a wider temperature range. People started claiming it has no propellant burning/better explosion resistance like the DM73 has, which is not true.

L28A1 is a pointless round. It replaces the DU sabot with Tungsten.

Penetration values don’t differ enough to make it worth while. IIRC L27A1 has better penetration, but L28 has a faster velocity with less pen. I may be mistaken though.

Nope its DM63 that dosnt produce an explosion when hit


Didnt gaijin say they wont add Anti Era tips to any round? If so thats the only realy upgrqde most shells would get. There really hasnt been a reason forbshells to get better aside from defeating heavy era.

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What a bad take lol.


in exchange for not detonating when hit, wish would nice, not like a few mm of pen gained or lost matters between about 550-670mm of pen in WT anyways

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Every take he has is a bad take

What document/source?

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No problem ur welcome.


Adding these rounds only makes sense if their anti ERA performance is modeled. Otherwise, their flat pen really doesn’t make much of a difference.

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Tell me, which nation relies on ERA / heavy ERA more so than any other?

That is the answer as to why any anti-ERA performance on any Western shell will never be introduced by Gaijin Devs.

It is also why they cannot / will not make non-Russian NERA (which might as well be Tolkein Witchcraft to them) actually work as designed.