Should the F-4E get Aim-9P-4 and LGBs this coming update?

Do you think the F-4E should get the improved Aim-9P-4 and LGBs this update since it got a br increase this past small update?

-better payload equals to higher br, so make sure that’s considered.
imho F4E is the very standard of 11.0, and it should stay there


Its radar is horribly modeled in game. And with it getting ordinance that it isnt supposed like the GBU-15 which is Technically a DMAS only weapon, i feel like it should at least get a Radar model re workand better missiles. Hell, the F-4S (a 70 dollar prem btw) has navy agile eagle HMS PD radar and Aim-7F at a .3 br higher. Just doesnt seem balanced

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Gaijin isnt even specific on what version or block number the phantom is in game. It has the DSCG model but a DMAS weapon and an RWR (the ALR-46 which is post vietnam) so it should at least have access to Aim-7F

And the ASX-1 TISEO (as found on the Kurnass 2000) that would fix the LD/SD capabilities of the APQ-120.

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Tbh that’s a powercreep issue also a huge compression between 11.0 and 11.3. As you see, there’s a huge difference between F4E and S. Actually the entire 11.0 is suffering, those that are playable at this BR are among the best, J7E&J8, JA37C etc, and they are not even that good. My opinion is as of right now you avoid playing this BR.

Not really maybe for radar slaving but what needs to be modeled is the APQ-120v11 or v12 with its CAA mode

Yeah but i love my F-4E

The -9P-4 is to the -9J what the R-60 is to the -60M, which is already readily available on many airframes at 11.0, its not even asking for parity since its not capable of 30G. and that doesn’t even touch on the R-23 or 24T, accounting for the range advantage on what are more performant airframes(MiG-23, etc.).

It still allows for the use of Sparrows using the auxiliary firing mode using the Aspect knob.

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P-4? No.
J-1s? Sure, why not
LGBs? Alright, though it’ll likely increase GBR
P-4 for the EJs? Absolutely, the only actually needed and undeniably beneficial change.

J and J-1 are basically the same the J-1 has reduced smoke motor

P-4 is still 20Gs with a 9L seeker

J-1 is radar-slavable

Umm ok. That doesnt make it a better missile. Thats just an ergonomics thing