Should the challenger 3 P replace the TD or be added separately?

  • Replace it
  • Add as a separate vehicle

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I thought this could be a good talking point since the challenger 3 P was recently unveiled

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We need to see if this new prototype get anything more on it

I’d say the new armor package is enough got it to be added, and Gaijin originally wanted to add the prototype but it ended up just being the TD they added

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It might get shown with add on armour and APS so just wait a bit

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If it only adds minor things, probably see it as a modificiation for the 3TD. (like the Gr1B mod was for teh Jag Gr1A) But if its meaningful/significant changes, then it should be a new tank

I think it should just replace it TBH, there’s no point in having 2 right?

honestly… i think UK needs it, but it would be nice to have as a seperate vehicle purely from a lineups based perspective.

separate addition pros:
+1 to lineup
separate addition cons:
+1 to grind

replace addition pros:
+1 to capability with no grind
replace addition cons:
-1 to lineups

Hope is a new car (real prototype)

What @Armen_Lozone said. UK needs more vehicles of this type, not a singular better vehicle. This game revolves either around crushing capability, or line-up capability. CR3 TD/P are neither crushing capability wise (like 2A7V/122 are), nor does the UK have the same line-up capability as Russia fx.

Better to keep the TD and then have the Prototype added down the line.


i wouldnt mind having both if theyre filed together.

dont forget will probably receive the cr3 production separate with another cr3 with modular armour

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