Should the AJS37 go down in BR?

Should it go down in BR?
  • Yes
  • No
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What BR should it go to?
  • 10.3 (Foldered with the AJ37)
  • 10.7 (Keep its current BR)
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The AJS37 is frankly inferior to all other aircraft of the BR in every regard. It goes for a “jack of all trades” but ends up with none. The AJS37 is equipped with 6 missiles max, unless you bring gun pods or countermeasures. Anyone who wants to live for more than 3 nanoseconds will bring one of each, limiting the number of missiles to 4. 2 of these missiles have the pleasure of being RB 74s. What you end up with is 2 RB 24Js and 2 RB 74s, plus one gun and a couple countermeasures. At 10.7, with no significant airframe changes over its 10.3 counterpart (engine power is slightly increased). The argument can’t even be made for having 4 RB 75s (AGM-65A equivalent) being the factor for such gimping, because other aircraft of lower BR such as the A-10 and A-7D with 6 AGM-65s to their disposal.

AJ37 Weapons Systems

  • 2x Rb 24J (Aim-9P-3)
  • 2x Rb 24 (Aim-9B)
  • 2x Countermeasure Pods (26mm CMs, 24x per pod)
  • 2x Gun Pods (150rnds per pod)
  • 2x Rb 75 (AGM-65A, TV)
  • 2x Rb 05A (AGM, MCLOS)
  • 16x m/71 120kg bombs
  • 4x m/70 13.5cm Rocket Pods

AJS37 Weapons Systems

  • 6x Rb 24J (Aim-9P-3)
  • 4x Rb 74 (Aim-9L)
  • 2x Countermeasure Pods (26mm CMs, 24x per pod)
  • 2x Gun Pods (150rnds per pod)
  • 4x Rb 75 (AGM-65A, TV)
  • 2x Rb 05A (AGM, MCLOS)
  • 16x m/71 120kg bombs
  • 4x m/70 13.5cm Rocket Pods

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Typo, youve got AJ37 for both sets of weapon systems

It is fine there.

Doesn’t remotely belong where it is.

But you know people are going to say it should stay there, because reasons. The same way several souls have said the tornado doesn’t need to go down.


AJS37 with 4x Aim-9Ls at 10.7 puts it on par with equivalents like the Sea Harrier. So no it probably shouldn’t go down. But the AJ37 may move down with the upcoming split BRs

Yea, I’d agree with you on the 4 9Ls. If it was sane to run 4 9Ls at that BR without countermeasures or cannons. Comparing the options it carries to America (heaven forbid), it carries less ground ordnance, less missiles, and less CMs (none if you want to bring an actually hefty air to ground or air to air armament).

As it stands, it shouldn’t be where it is, purely by virtue of it carrying at best 2 9Ls in a loadout that’s actually viable. It’s like if the harrier had 0 CMs or cannon, but hey, you can get 4 9Ls whilst fighting mirage 2ks.

Ah… It’s that kind of set up. Then yeah, 2x 9Ls with CMs or 4x 9Ls without. I can see 10.3 being fair (I don’t know enough about it’s FM to say if it could go lower than that)

Yea, thing’s a bit rough, which is why I haven’t crewed it.

Maybe also the split BRs will help it too

It shouldn’t even be where it is purely from an air to ground standpoint either. It’s just that it is played by those who play Sweden. So much like Britain, incompetency of the competition sabotages the BR.

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Yeah, though 4x AGM-65A is not half bad I suppose. About on par with something like a Buc S2Bs 3x Martels.

But I don’t know enough about it’s FM to say if it would be able to use those 4x AGM-65As with no TPod effectively

The FM is pretty shit if you have to turn for more than half a second. Bleeds energy, and due to Gaijin fucking some numbers, doesn’t regain it well at all. And those AGMs again assume you don’t want a cannon or countermeasures. Which is the main problem with the thing.

Yeah thats a tough limitations

Just to give you an idea of it. If it weren’t for this limitation, 10.7 would be workable. But it’s really not great with the limitation.

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I wonder if it will benefit from the split CM buff like how the Tornado hopefully will. 24 CMs seems a tad low for wing mounted CM pods

Yea, it’s a bit off. But even if it does get the stuff sorted, it’d still not really be much better. Given you either take 1 pod and a cannon, or 2 pods. Not really worth sacrificing the gun or the cms for the stuff it faces.

True, but maybe 1 CM pod and 3x 9Ls becomes a worthwhile loadout or 2x9ls, 1x gunpod and 1x CM pod

1 gunpod, 1 cm, and either 2 9Ls or the air to ground options is pretty much the only thing worth running. 9Ls on not American planes seem to be curiously absent minded when it comes to tracking.

Yeah… Felt that a few times in the harrier. Had one decide to fly in totally opposite direction to the target the other day

Ye, and then the 9L tracks harrier flawlessly at 0 throttle. Harrier’s fuckin rough. Not quite as rough as this thing, but still a bit painful.