Should Mirage F1CT be identified as a attacker, not a jet fighter?

The War Thunder Wiki said it was used to replace the ancient Mirage IIIEs and a few Mirage 5s used by France, which are the frontline ground attack aircraft, should it be a strike aircraft instead of a jet fighter? and it still doesn’t have the laser-guided bombs.


How Gaijin determines fighter and strike fighter is a bit of a mess. You have things like the Hunter FGA9 which was the ground attack variant of the Hunter F6 classed as a fighter and then you have things like the Sea Harrier FRS1 classed as a strike fighter, even though its most notable role in history was as a CAP fighter and that ultimately was what it was designed to do.

I’d not be surprised if it was strictly speaking wrong, but without a total overhaul of how classes of aircraft are determined, there will always be messy edge cases.


Yep, especially for the jets, they can clearly determine the FJ4B as strike aircraft, But not correctly identified for other similar jet airplanes, like Mirage F1CT, it seems like a balance or something, but it is pretty wired that at the end to the french attacker TT, it is a fighter.