Should I wait for summer sale?

I’m thinking of buying F8U-2 or M1A1 AIM. Should I buy one of them now or should i wait till summer sale? Also can we expect summer sale this month?

Always wait

Sale should be soon, 1-2 week, maybe even sooner

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Any vehicle doesn’t block higher-rank researching or current game play, should wait for discount (or just leave it), HOWEVER…

M1A1 AIM is Squadron Vehicle, it won’t get discount at any case, so don’t really matter.


Yes. Sale is almost here and there are always good promotions…perhaps even premium account…and some vehicles.

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What will be on sale, new tier 7 premiums?

If you want to buy the AIM then wait for a golden eagle discount and buy eagles to grind it out. If you want a pack then wait for a a pack discount and then get the pack of your choice. If you want to buy a golden eagle vehicle you can either wait for a golden eagle discount in the golden eagle store or wait for a golden eagle vehicle discount in game.

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I believe the tier 7 premiums are still too recent to go on sale, I think these may go on sale for the winter sale at the earliest.

Still should be plenty nice stuff on sale, if only premium time, what with premium being in the works to get better soon.

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Always wait for the sales, particularly for buying tree vehicle’s you’ve done the grind on. Makes the lion stash go much farther.


Will packs be 50% off? I want T-55AM-1.

there are no golden eaagle discounts and never were

yeah in prob less than a week

tier 7 should go on sale cause most packs are 2 updates old

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Last years summer sale started on 22.06, lets hope for an announcement later today. I think in the last sales squadron vehicles were not actually discounted. For Talisman and SL prices i cant find anything

Time flies =o I just had it down as so recent, but you’re right, the first batch of tier VII premiums should go on sale.

I thought there were. For some reason I have a memory of one of my buddies getting 10000 for 35$